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spngr311 10-27-2010 11:15 AM

Wife's 2001 X5 3.0i Starts and Dies
Thought I would post this on here to see if anyone has a possible solution - after all, it's just a 3.0i in a big wrapper!

my wife's 2001 X5 3.0i with 90k on it is being very difficult.

First a little history: A few months ago, her X5 started giving us problems. It was the cam position sensors and it worked well for a month or so. Then, about a month ago, her car just died on her way to the store. The fuel pressure was low, and I replaced the fuel filter (which was due) and the fuel pump (replaced the pump because I cracked the top of it removing the hose). Problem appeared solved. She put about 600 miles on it over the next few weeks with no problems.

Then on Friday, it died on her, again. I replaced the spark plugs and cylinder #1 coil (probably could've skipped these, but I had a coil error show up on cylinder #1). Started right up, idled, but then on it's test drive around the block, once the engine reached its normal operating temperature, it died on me. Pushed it home, and read the codes again. This time, it gave the following codes (from the Peak R5/FCX-3):

19: Table
EE: Misfire Cylinder #1
EF: Misfire Cylinder #2
E3: O2 Sensor Adaption Limit, Cylinder #1-3
E4: O2 Sensor Adaption Limit, Cylinder #4-6
19: PreCat O2 Sensor Heater Insufficient, Cylinder #1-3

Had it towed to my new place, and I changed the pre-cat O2 sensors. It started, idled, but I didn't drive it this time (spent the weekend moving too, so I didn't feel like pushing it home if it died again). After it reached its operating temperature, it stumbled, and died. It gave me the following codes:

19: Table
EE: Misfire Cylinder #1
EF: Misfire Cylinder #2
E3: O2 Sensor Adaption Limit, Cylinder #1-3
E4: O2 Sensor Adaption Limit, Cylinder #4-6

Last night was just as puzzling. I unplugged the MAF to see if it would start. No change. I looked around for cracks in the intake tube, but did not find anything. I ran a jumper across the Fuel Pump Relay to see if it would start. The pump did run, but whined very loudly. It would crank, but not start.

I checked the fuel pressure, and it said 15 psi (I didn't check this previously as I thought the pump could not be the problem). Way too low. I then went down to the gas station, and got 5 gallons of gas to see if maybe the fuel level sensors were faulty. Put 5 gallons in, and ran a jumper for the fuel relay. The pressure went right to 50 psi.

I put the relay back in and started the car and it was at 46 psi. I let the car idle for a while, letting it reach it's operating temperature. As the engine temperature rose, the fuel pressure started dropping and I could hear the car start to stumble, then shake a little. It would level out, but as the car's engine temperature rose, the car started idling rougher and eventually the fuel pressure returned to the 20 psi and the car died. It will crank, but not start now and the pressure is at 15-20 psi.

I replaced the fuel pump and filter/regulator 3 weeks ago. Could either of them be defective? Anyone have any other ideas?

As an aside, I'm sick of everyone saying my fuel pump is bad because they saw it on the news.

jacques50 11-09-2010 10:49 AM

All the errors your getting leads you to fuel starvation. To test, it be best to test fuel pressure with test guage in front of injector rail. I think you will find the fuel pressure on the test guage is going to stay constant, even though the fuel pressure on the rail drops and the engine dies eventually. Would that be the case, the pressure regulator on the rail is at fault. Should the preassure drop on the test guage, the problem would be at the fuel pump/ fuel line/ tank. Hope it helps.

spngr311 11-09-2010 11:10 AM

Guess I should've updated this thread. It turned out to be the jet pump in the fuel tank that transfers fuel from one side of the tank to the other. It slowly died, and finally kicked the bucket. I added 15 gallons of gas, it started right up and is still working. My wife has been driving it for a week or so now. She's probably put 300+ miles on it since. She just has to keep the tank about 50% and it's good. I just received the pump, and I will be putting it in this weekend.

spngr311 04-08-2011 09:22 PM

So, the X5 is still exhibiting the same problem. However, I'm thinking it is somehow still related to the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel filter (even though I replaced it a little after the problem started). I replaced the vacuum lines from the intake elbow to the fuel filter regulator, replaced the transfer pump, and fuel pump. The fuel pressure is still staying at 51 psi when the vehicle is running, but the residual pressure drops very quickly (about 20 psi in 20 minutes). It is supposed to drop no more than 7 in the same period. I'm hoping this is it, but I am not sure. Does anyone have any suggestions or had similar problems?

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