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SILVRRONIN 02-25-2011 01:59 PM

rear sway bars..Who do I buy from?
Ok..I have been researching rear sway bars..but I cannot seem to locate sway bars for an XI..whom did anyone here go to to purchase?..

SalM 02-25-2011 02:23 PM

Talk to some of the sponsors on here they can help out.

ECSTuning 02-25-2011 03:09 PM

We have UUC bars available below...

The experts at UUC produce high quality parts for BMW enthusiasts. Though they are often much less expensive than many performance aftermarket parts, quality is not compromised. High performance racing parts and accessories from a company built by racing enthusiasts. With a full line of quality suspension, braking, and other parts, it's easy to customize your vehicle while giving a unique driving experience.

This front way bar kit from UUC is a great way to get better handling and performance at a price which would only purchase one factory replacement from the dealer. Using chromoly construction for weight savings, the fatigue strength is drastically increased.

Urethane bushings also add to the performance by adding a tighter suspension feel while still providing smooth and quiet operation. With numerous mounting holes, adjustability is infinite and threaded end links let you dial in a perfect ride. A fantastic way to improve handling and steering response on a budget.

Front SwayBarbarian - 1.25" O.D.

Rear SwayBarbarian - 1" O.D.

Click HERE for more information.

Please let us know if you have any questions! Feel free to shoot me a PM or email.


Kubica 02-25-2011 04:09 PM

Just buy from Turner.

jeffmr 02-26-2011 03:47 AM

BimmerSpecialist.com probably has them.

SILVRRONIN 02-27-2011 10:18 PM

sway bars
wow!..and I thought my military family helps out ..thanks man!..i was bummed..every swaybar I looked at online had the little ... EXCL the XI under the specs.......my intial response was WTF!..I definitely wil be looking at turner moto( just bought the brake bleed pump) and UUC,,thanks. for what itsw worth feel freeto shoot me up with any assistance. I am a firm believer in karma..:thumbup:

Kubica 02-28-2011 07:05 AM

^^i don't think that set from UUC will fit an xi, unless it's new.

The rear bar from a rwd car is what you want.

SILVRRONIN 02-28-2011 07:49 AM

k..so I can go with a rear wheel drive bar..Thank you! I have been deating over thta. I know the front sway bar has a unique design to it . They have a downward hook design where they connect.

Bimmer Dude Xi 03-01-2011 07:23 AM

hope this help what you're looking for


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