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Suseer 04-25-2011 05:17 PM

What do I need to fix to get a wind screen?
Hey guys,

Picked up an M3 vert the other day, and one thing that was wrong with it (besides having NO windscreen) was it looks like the slots you put the screen in are broken, the interior pieces as well as i'm not sure if its missing anything on the "inside".

Can't seem to find part numbers for these pieces or what the names are of the pieces I need - Does anyone happen to know?





cityjohn 04-25-2011 05:46 PM

The part in your pic covers the hole left by the top mechanism when it's down; nothing to do with the wind screen. It's been in the news a lot lately :lmao: http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=838854

The screen has pins that go in holes in the side panels near the rear speakers.


Suseer 04-25-2011 06:02 PM

Oh ok, so by the founds of it it's a cap , rod and a spring that go there - My assumption is it "pops" up when the top goes down and out of the way to cover the gap?

Seems to be fairly inexpensive - Thanks!

cityjohn 04-25-2011 06:05 PM

Yes, it actually slides under toward the front of the car as the top is raised. You can see the tracks in the side of the hole.

DropTopKingM3 04-27-2011 09:17 PM

Suseer which side did you damage? I may have a replacement piece for you which includes the whole top part and the flap.

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