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bennyblanco 06-13-2011 12:11 AM

Oil Sep/Sparkplugs question - help needed
Hi all,

A couple weeks ago I brought my 99 E46 to my regular mechanic to do regular maintenance. He change the valve gasket, sparkplugs and some other minor work. (all stuff I usually do - just no time lately)

I picked up the car on a holiday when no one was there and when i started it, it was making a really loud howling noise. Thinking the guy worked on it and was done, I let it be and was going to give it a few days. It never went away and the engine light came on a couple days later so I brought it back to them. While looking over things with me, he found a broken hose which leads to the oil separator. He didn't have the part but said I could continue to drive the car and bring it back next week to have the valve replaced.

About 3-4 days later, the car was driving insanely poorly and one morning before work it starting burning a ton of oil. I called the mechanic and he said the oil seperator was likely also no failing and it would have to be changed.

I decided to do all the work myself for the oil sep and just finished tonight. It seems to be running better, but still a bit rough and some white smoke is coming out the tail - I took out some sparkplugs, which are new, and they are black with some oild up the threads.

my questions are these:

1) would the cracked hose, which i assume the mechanic broke when he was changing the valve cover gasket, lead to failure of the oil separator?

2) would the failed oil sep lead to the oily plugs? if so, could any other damage be done?

3) I guess I can't do much with these sparkplugs at this point except buy new ones and replace them?

Blah - I should have done all this work myself. Thanks for the help guys and gals.

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