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bmausti87 07-22-2011 11:07 AM

NEED HELP!!! 2000 e46 is revving out at 2rpm.
e46 is revving out at 2 rpm and i have checked everthing that i can think.

Check list: TPS sensors, MAF, O2 sensors, coils, vaccume lines, battery, and no luck.

Here is some more information about the car.

It was a 2000 323ci with auto in it, but I have swapped out the engine and replaced the auto with a 5-speed. Both from the same 2002 325i. I am still using the original harness from the 323ci. The drive by wire would not work with the original harness so the intake was replaced with the 323ci intake on the 325i engine.

The car iddles perfect but when I go to take it for a test drive around the block it is acting like its hitting the rev limiter at 2rpm.

Thinking it is in limp mode but not totally sure.

This is my 1st BMW and jumped into it head first and have done all the work myself. The rev problem is my last issue with this swap and can not figure it out. :facepalm:

Any ideas on this problem???

e46crooser 07-25-2011 04:24 PM

Check if the throttle cable is adjusted correctly (since you just swapped motor/trans) HTH

bmausti87 07-27-2011 08:45 AM

The cable is adjusted correctly. I know it is in limp mode now for sure. Since I am not using a standard transmission harness or computer the car does not know that their is a trans behind it.

Kind of like choping my waist off and not knowing it then I get up and try to walk, well thats not going to happen. This is why I think for sure its in limp mode because my car has no idea whats going on, no information telling that it has a trans so the computer says no I am not going to rev past a certain RPM because something is wrong.

Found a guy that will re-wire my car for $300.00. The dash lights will light up for sure but he said that I will be able to drive the H#LL out of it when he is done.

I will reply back if/when the re-wireing is complete.

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