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Brucio325cic 12-17-2011 07:41 PM

2005 325cic Convertible Alarm
I need help folks..
First, I just bought my very first ever BMW:woot: (wanted one since birth)

So.. Ive Just realized my car has NO working alarm functions. No Motion sensor, No Tilt Sensor, It does not beep when i "arm" or "disarm" the system.
The Only thing it worx as is a keyless entry system. The Lights flash when I arm/disarm. The doors Lock & unlock. The Clown Nose blinks after a few seconds. However, thats It!! No Beeps, No Siren, nothing. I tried to set the alarm off by lifting hood, trunk, opening doors. Its clear, alarm in this vehicle might not exist.

I just got back from the dealer, and they informed me that it must not have that option installed. (i found that hard to believe!):evil:
I asked dealer service manager, if perhaps the previous owner had alarm functions dis-enaged in the computer. The service Mgr said, No Such thing. Alarm is either in the car or not.:facepalm: Huuuh????
Now... Ive read in forums that you can activate, or deactivate certain functions of ur alram..or the entire alarm altogether & just use it as keyless entry
(thats what I assumed my previous owner did)

2005 BMW 325cic with ZCW, ZSP, ZPP, Bluetooth, H/K SOUND, Cabriolet

So, I started hitting all the forums, and All the forums have same info. It suggest that the car has the Tilt/Tow Sensor already there from the factory. Forums suggest that the motion sensor is also there too. Ive tried to look for them in the trunk above the battery, no luck. I need to start to do my mods, but my first rule is security first.. No Security= No Mods.

Can a fellow Fanatics please help.. BTW, sorry for sounding like such a newbie, but I am....

cityjohn 12-17-2011 08:26 PM

BMWs come from the factory WITH keyless entry and WITHOUT the alarm. The dealer installs the siren; all other switches are already there to make the alarm go live.

There's also a way to program the clown nose to blink as if you had an alarm installed.

SMUUUUUV 12-17-2011 10:22 PM

click this link.... it is your friend as it is mine and a host of others. Seems like the previous owner had the alrm functions activated. All you have to do is add a siren. Get ta clickin... ;)


Brucio325cic 12-18-2011 03:07 AM

You guys are awesome!!!! The fanatics came thru... This is my 1st Beamer... Im doing everything by the book, I want her to last me a long time. I guess job #1 is Buy a Siren, install, & finally get ECM/Alarm activated & programmed at dealer.

I cannot thank you guys enuff, I hope to be able to reciprocate & help my e46fanatics community one day.

I'll post my findings as soon as I finish da install, Thx again guys

SMUUUUUV 12-18-2011 07:09 AM

Slow down young Skywalker..... if your lights flash and clown nose blinks the worst of your worries are over. Your alarm is already activated and all you have to do is buy the siren and install it...You can buy tilt and shock sensors and add to your alarm system yourself. It's just a simple 3 wire tap into your existing alarm wiring. Just tap into the wires at the hood switch....again...get ta clickin...

BobSC 12-18-2011 08:39 AM

smuuuuuuuv is correct, I installed the alarm in my vert, and honestly, it is pretty easy to do. All the info you need is on the forum.

Brucio325cic 12-18-2011 10:00 AM

okay... so I will buy siren, & install it behind the Cabin Filter inside the engine bay. Once I do this.. then...am i active?

Also, the threads suggest the tilt tow sensor is in the trunk above battery,does that apply on Cabrios??
again i will check if its there today.... i checked for one yesterday, i removed all panels.. i saw nothing.

However, the Microwave / Motion Sensor is suggested to be inside the dome light on the ceiling... but I have a vert, so where would it be then? Some of the Posts suggested it comes pre-installed in the rear seat ashtray, just behind it.

I have seen other BMW trunks that have the Buttons on the trunk liner that say:"Pre-wired for Alarm" "Pre-wired for CD changer" "Pre-wired for this" "pre-wired for that"

My vehicle has no such buttons... So im confused. Pre-wired means all the wiring is is there for me to buy the 3 components & do Plug n Play. Or, does Pre-wired means alarm components are there, and just missing a final installation step.

Again, forgive my lack on knowledge on the subject, but I would assume if there isn't a SIREN installed, then there probably isn't a TILT / TOW sensor & MICROWAVE MOTION SENSOR right?

as far as shock sensor hardwired into the hood pin switch, I read the SHOCK SENSOR thread, and I have an old DEI shock sensor to hardwire into the hood Pin switch. I will do this next week. My main goal is first to get functioning alarm...

Again, fellow fanatics, your insight has given me a nice welcome to the community. I've never joined anything like this. Its my first. I thought it would be appropriate since i also have my first beamer. Thanx again... Tha fanatics rock!!

SMUUUUUV 12-18-2011 10:04 AM

just get the siren, install the dei switch you have and you'll be set. You may want to get two sirens and run them in parallel as I did on opposite sides under the hood to get better sound.

Brucio325cic 12-18-2011 10:07 AM

So Bob, I see you have the exact car as me... So, youre saying all the components where already in your car?
All you had to do is add a siren & voila you where all set..
My undestanding is, you need 3 pieces to have a working alarm. 1. Siren 2. Tilt/Tow Sensor 3. Motion Proximity Sensor.
My car already has the Hood Pin switch, this i have seen. But do I have any or all of the other 3 main pieces? Do you know where they are? cant find the trunk tilt tow sensor. I see the gas door actuator above the battery, & thats all i see back there above the battery after i removed all panels.

(BTW, sweet rides, you have the garage of a champ!!! When my garage grows up, I want it to look just like that..lol)

Brucio325cic 12-18-2011 10:12 AM

yes!!! Ive always ran two sirens in my previous 3 cars... i run one under the engine bay, and i ran the other behind rear of car!
Thats a great idead Mr. Smuuuuv! The force is with me.

I have a sirens to go buy!!!! Thanx again Amigo!!!

BobSC 12-18-2011 01:05 PM


Originally Posted by Brucio325cic (Post 13901569)
So Bob, I see you have the exact car as me... So, youre saying all the components where already in your car?
All you had to do is add a siren & voila you where all set..
My undestanding is, you need 3 pieces to have a working alarm. 1. Siren 2. Tilt/Tow Sensor 3. Motion Proximity Sensor.
My car already has the Hood Pin switch, this i have seen. But do I have any or all of the other 3 main pieces? Do you know where they are? cant find the trunk tilt tow sensor. I see the gas door actuator above the battery, & thats all i see back there above the battery after i removed all panels.

(BTW, sweet rides, you have the garage of a champ!!! When my garage grows up, I want it to look just like that..lol)

I'm doing this from memory, but if I recall properly, I had to install the motion/tilt sensor over the battery in the trunk area....the horn/alarm was installed in the engine bay under the micro filter on the passenger side up against the fire wall....and the motion detector in the car and that was it. Everything was simple plug ins and all the components were there

Brucio325cic 12-18-2011 03:29 PM

Good Stuff Amigos.... Good stuff!
I'll get to work....

Brucio325cic 02-06-2012 11:02 PM

Just wanted to say Thx... I got Siren & sensors all installed... im officially Alarmed! I added the Shock Sensor & Motion sensor (aftermarket)... both work perfectly.
I added a second siren, and wired it in parallel. A thing of beauty...
I went to an independent bimmer shop called German Autos where they coded my alarm for me for $70 bux... It was a fair price, most places where between $100 - $200 (Ripoffs!!)

If anybody in South Florida needs his information: GERMAN AUTOS Peter or Adam 3401 NORTHEAST 6th TERRACE POMPANO BCH, FLA 33064 954-781-9510
He uses the GT1/DIS/SSS program... has a very nice shop, clean, uses OEM Bimmer Parts, Fluids, etc. Cool Dudes!

Im really happy with the turn out... again, Mr. Smuuuuuv & Mr. BobSc, Much Much Thanx

SMUUUUUV 02-06-2012 11:04 PM

No prob. Glad you got it all working.....:thumbsup:

jbehr99 02-07-2012 03:28 PM

Hello I have a 2005 330CI vert and would like to get a functioning alarm in my car as well. My clown nose blinks red, but I have no alarm functions. Brucio325cic, if you could provide me with the links to the parts (siren, tilt sensor, and motion sensor) that would be great. Also, for you was it basically just a plug and play pretty much?
Thanks, Jacob

Brucio325cic 02-15-2012 02:38 PM

Sorry for the late reply...
Okay, first, our cars are all Pre-wired for plug n Play.
So youre good there.
Step one: get a siren. What I did is checked local craigslist for people parting out e46s.. Much cheaper in price. I foound a guy who had one parting out & he sold me Alarm Siren & Tilt/Tow sensor for $50 bucks.
Thats important becuz a Siren alone on ebay is $70-$80.. So I was ahead. There are a ton of Videos on the threads how to install the siren. Its 15 minutes tops. Just make sure you get the siren sold to you with the "mounting bracket". The Bracket screws to the Siren, then bracket screws to the car. The Plug is right there waiting for you behind the cabin air filter.
so.. Now you will be able to hear the Beep during door Lock... and Beep Beep durin Door Unlike.
Step Two: Go in the trunk, just above the battery, there will be a wire harness with a 4 wire plug...again, you cant miss it. thats for the tilt n tow sensor. Heres where it gets tricky. For coupes & sedans, its installed right above the battery. Because the vert has different diemsions, ours needs to be relocated to a secondary spot that is pre-drilled by the factory. Its in the same area, except you have to go to the upperright hand side of the trunk, theres two holes ready for you to bolt the bracket that comes attached to your tilt n tow sensor. Hint: the bracket is removable, and you can adjust the bracket to be installed righty, or lefty, deep or shallow.
once youre in the trunk, you'll understand. Get to clicking, theres a ton of Videos here on the fanatics of this install, its very popular. So, the only OEM i used was Siren, & Tilt Tow sensor.
We cannot use the OEM motion sensor becuz it takes some modifying, so the multiple threads out there show you how to add a Shock / Bump sensor. and/or a Motion Sensor. Both of these are available online like ebay. Shock Sensor is Part # 504D The Motion Sensor is 508D
These are very easy to wire up, and the trick is to run the "trigger" wire into the Hood Pin Switch, again, tons of videos & threads with step by step install. These sensors are 3 wires. Power Wire, ground Wire, & Trigger Wire. So, anybody that knows anything about car electronics will be able to run these to your hood pin within 30 minutes.

Heres My Best advice, get to clicking. Tons of How To videos, Pictures, Step-by-step. Its Not hard at all.
FYI.. when doing the install on the 504D &/or 508D, make sure the installer wires them up using a relay. This will ensure that when the car is operating/driving..these sensors will NOT have power to them. The Relay will ONLY allow power to them once you cut off the engine. Then its the only time theyre needed, thus you set your alarm. If not, what happens is, since theyre hard wired with direct power, hence while your driving, these sensors are triggering the hood Pin switch, thus telling your cluster that your hood has been opened...you dont want that. A relay is $5 bux, and makes all the difference on the install.

After its all done, you have to get the Alarm Coded. Basically they have to go into your ECU "Brain" and turn on the Alalrm option, which is controlled by the main brain in the computer of the car. Again, this is where you have to shop. Dont go to dealer, theyll rip you off.
I went online, google, craigslist, etc. Compiled a list of independent local shops that specialized in BMW. The shop has to have a specific BMW computer diagnostic tool. MODIC / GT1 / SSS,
I called a dozen places & found a great shop to code it for $70.oo

Here are some threads that i used.. FYI..
Our e46fanatics family rocks!!!!






Brucio325cic 02-15-2012 02:41 PM

Remember, the Key for the Aftermarket DEI sensors, is to wire them using a Relay. Very Important. Also, I took advice from "Smuuuuuv" and I hard-wired a Second Siren while I was back there installing first siren. It was a world of difference. The Beep-Beeps are Louder... The alarm Siren is wayy louder. I got Lucky and found a second OEM siren with no Bracket for cheap ($15 bux) I matched the 4 wires in Parallel to the New siren. I fabricated a second bracket, it took 10 minutes. And installed it inside the engine bay, so its no behind the Air filter where the first one goes.
The Only hint is, if youre going to add a 2nd siren, ask the Person selling you the second optional siren to also sell you the wire harness that goes attached to it. If you dont get the Plug for second siren, then you cant hard wire it to the first. The first siren already has a Plug that is in your car waiting for you behind the Cabir Air filter. So that Plug will be utilized for the siren #1. So adding Siren #2 will be important that Siren #2 also gets its Plug to come with it. This Second Siren is Optional.. so dont worry about this step till later on, if at all.

chapa6sigma 02-14-2013 03:33 AM

Just to confirm.....based on brucio325......if I buy a siren only and connect that to a switch behind cabin filter.....my car will beep when I lock/unlock car? (my car lights do flash when I press buttons and my red "nose" does blink) I do see that bmw sells the alarm for 530 or 550 dollars. I always thought the "brain" of it large modular device was needed for siren/motion/tilt/etc.... to function with car but that everything was prewired. Similar to when I bought my home....my house was "prewired" all wiring through walls......but I had to pay for a real alarm system brain and unit keypads...sirens....motion....to be installed to have a working alarm system....

So ya, back to original question, I just want to hear beeps, I don't care too much about security nor do I worry about theft. I can achieve that by buying a cheap siren and mounting it somewhere and plugging that into to a connection area behind cabin filter?

Thanks everyone!

chapa6sigma 02-14-2013 03:36 AM

Hey brucio, just saw your ride. Nice! I have exact same car but in triple black. What tint you have....? Looks like mine. I have huper optik.....not sure if you have that in your area. I think its a ceramic tint, very thick stuff.

chapa6sigma 02-14-2013 03:47 AM

Also how do I get to cabin filter in 2005 325 cic?

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