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DenisM3 02-08-2012 07:25 AM

2012 X3 35i or 2012 Touareg Highline
Hi guys,

I am considering purchasing an SUV and two models are on top of my list, 2012 Touareg and BMW X3 35i.

Here in Canada, price-wise they come very close (V6 Touareg highline, X3 with Premium package) so price is not a decisive factor in this case.

They both have their advantages; Touareg being a larger,heavier vehicle perfect for harsh Canadian winters, while BMW has an impressive performance and solid 4 wheel drive capabilities. X3 grew in size recently and although smaller then T-eg, it provides a decent amount of space inside.

I don't drive off-road so Touareg might be an overkill for me but, on the other hand, its size and weight makes it more safer in winter conditions (at least in my mind). At the same time X3 has impressive performance and probably sufficient size and safety factor for city driving in the winters.

So in other words, X3 would satisfy the majority of my needs and it's more fun to drive, but it seems that T-eg has better value considering that you get more space, better equipped, "real" SUV for the same price.

I was wondering if there are other factors that could help me decide which one to go for. Maybe maintenance cost and overall reliability?

Curious to hear if others experienced similar dilemma ..


Snik 02-08-2012 07:36 AM

Never driven in a X3, but ive got some seat time in a 1st gen Touareg and i gotta say, one solid vehicle. Id be hard pressed to decide too if i were you, tho i'd be thinking more X5.
I think the AWD system in the VW is better than the Xdrive setup tho. It seems from what ive gathered, that the BMW relies on more electronics than the VW/Audi/porsche system.

I cant even detect the AWD system at work in the touareg here in this harsh German winter. PURE effortless driving, almost as if its not even driving over ice and snow and sh1t. BUT again, cant say how the BMW does.

carbon_schwarz 04-19-2012 11:22 AM

We've got the 06 touareg v10 tdi and it is an amazing machine. Touareg will have a much nicer Interior than x3 IMO. Not sure what the power is like on the v6 but the v10 twin turbo is staggering. Even though i am a BMW guy iv never been a fan of their SUVs, if I had the money I'd go for a q7 or cayenne.

Snik 04-19-2012 11:40 AM

Would love to get a V10 diesel. :drool:

Carbon, you need to see the X3 with the factory sport kit. I used to hate it, and the X1 too, but the more i see here in Germany with the factory kit, i start to like em. For a stock vehicle, tho, i think the X5 Sport is the best looking.

But hooked up touaregs are so rare, it makes it more appealing. I think ive only seen maybe 3 hooked up Touaregs.
The only thing i hate is that ugly 4 spoke VW steering wheel.

Whats do used V10 run for these days?

Snik 04-19-2012 11:43 AM

Not sure you guys can see this, but i saw this on Felgenoutlet's FB feed today. Love it.

Would so love to replicate that, even with a V6. Its soo sexy.
where does one get fender flares like that for these?

carbon_schwarz 04-20-2012 12:11 AM


We have the hofele kit on ours with a custom grille, here in Canada for 06 they are going for about $30k-35k. Pretty expensive but I think that here in Vancouver there is probably only 5 in the whole city so it makes it pretty cool :)

Snik 04-20-2012 04:13 AM

yeah i did a quick look on autotrader. V10s are up there.
I like the Caractere kits, love them with fender flares.

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