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silver 330zhp 02-16-2012 12:48 AM

Engine problems
So I have had some engine issues for a few weeks now... The car runs fine under full throttle, however pretty much any less than that usually around 2500-3800 RPM the car will start to hesitate. Then from there if you back off the gas some and get back into it the engine runs good for a while... If you dont back off the gas it starts hesitating worse and sounds like it shuts down a cylinder or two and runs/sounds bad! Then if you turn the car off while you are still going then re start it, the car goes back to normal... and this is a repeating cycle that doesnt end!

I have replaced:

Spark Plugs
Fuel Filter
Idle control valve

Yet the car still is doing this.. I am thinking it is either the ECU or a VANOS problem

By the way it is an 03 ZHP with 115k miles and intake headers/full exhaust and AA software...

Any input is appreciated!

Drewfus2101 02-16-2012 08:59 AM

Is the CEL on? What plugs did you put in there?

If you havn't done the VANOS, I would do it. It's likely giving you problems, and won't throw a code.

While you are at it: air filter, clean MAF, check DISA, O2 sensors.

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