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juju396 04-04-2012 04:29 AM

BEWARE of Bmwpartssource / Patrick =(
I made 2 orders with Bmwpartssource / Patrick after seeing he was offering a pre-order sale on e46fanatics... 1 for the Jeff koons art car in Jan and the 2nd order another Jeff Koons art car & two #78 lemans cars in early Feb. The first order was fulfilled with no problems. Having earned my trust, I proceeded along with the 2nd order, with a delivery date by end of Feb. Unfortunately, the day passes with no email or anything. I shoot an email to him on 3/3 and 3/7 with no response; I get worried and since I paid via PP; proceeded with filing dispute. Patrick then confirms that shipment got delayed and will arrive no later than 3/30. (he responded sometime mid March) March 30 passes with no word from him so I escalated PP dispute to claim. PP sided in my favor & immediately refunded my $$$ 4/2.

On hindsight, even though this vendor is a sponsor of E46fanatics, I should have researched for past experiences with them & Im kicking myself for tying up my $$$ with this joker for almost 2 months. It was only bc the first transaction went through ok that I proceeded with the second transaction. Poor communication, poor service, just poor experience overall. I was hoping I found a vendor for all of my maintenance needs (I was going to drop $$$ on oem csl brake kit soon...lol) but it looks like I'll be purchasing elsewhere (getbmwparts ftmfw!) If you're reading this Tim/ mods, I think it's a disservice to allow this vendor to continue advertising here & to take advantage of unsuspecting buyers. I understand that a vendor cannot make every single buyer happy, but this case is pretty cut and dry. CAVEAT EMPTOR!!!!!!!!!


juju396 04-04-2012 01:17 PM

I'm responding to Dmax's post:


Patience? lol I don't know about you, but paying a few hundred $$$ for something in mid Feb and not hearing anything about the order being delayed or what not until I had to file for a dispute on PP is bad service to me. I understand that delays happen, but ignoring my emails is not the way to do things. Promising me about a delivery date and not delivering with no explanation is not the way to do things. And I'm not alone either, I actually vouched for these fools on another forum about the pre-order and a few people are also getting the silent treatment from Patrick.

But do you want to hear about something really shady? It's interesting that he posts on here of the pre-order, and turns around and tries to sell on ebay for almost 4x that of his ad. Maybe he got a shipment in & got greedy trying to sell for top dollar on ebay while delaying to fulfill the pre-orders? I'll never know, Patrick has since decided he wanted to become a mute and not answer my emails nor anybody else's unless you're making an order. In either case, at least I found a vendor NOT to do business with & frankly, I can care less now.


BMWPartsSource 04-11-2012 11:23 AM

let me clarify this once and only once. BMW of North America is the ones dragging there feet. The Jeff Koons art car was set to release March 30th, then they pushed it back to April 9th, and now they pushed it back to April 16th. Let me also say the item was a "PRE-Order" which means we didnt have stock. Its not like your ordering a set of E46 brake pads that i stock like 20 sets of. Your ordering a 1:18 scale model to sit on your shelf at home. I would think you would be more worried about your car being tied up and not back together. Next time you plan on throwing us under the bus make sure you have your ducks in a row. We have helped out a huge amount of members on the E46fanatics forum get there ride back on the road quicker and cheaper than other forum sponsors. I appreciate that you are looking out for the other members so much, but you also were ordering something that was a novelty item and not a car part. If this was a car part we would have it taken care of so much faster because BMW of North America doesn't have any issues over these kinds of parts. Yes they messed up with the Jeff Koons art car. I admit i am not happy either. I have no control over there inventory and have been promised several times they will fufill each and everyone of my pre-orders. I apologize that the "PRE-Order" wasnt a red flag for telling everyone i cant gaurantedd when you will see them. I apologize, but please dont bad mouth us for something we had no control over from day 1. We did announce it as a Pre Order and give an Estimated Time of Arrival, not a guaranteed time of arrival.


BMWPartsSource 04-11-2012 11:25 AM

As for the posting on ebay for a higher price..... I thought i would give the E46fanatics a better deal than everyone else. Isn't that what all the E46fanatics members want?


juju396 04-11-2012 09:33 PM

Nice try Patrick, but it's great to hear that you can finally respond to emails. Please respond to the emails of the other unfortunate souls who took part of this sham you call a pre-order.

I can understand that BMW NA are dragging their feet on delivering the items and is beyond your control- but what's your excuse on your lack of communication & inability to answer my emails in a timely manner? I paid in full to the tune of almost $500 on 2/13/12. It doesn't matter if I pre-ordered socks - if I paid in full, and the delivery date passed (on multiple occasions) with no item & no explanation, I should have been given a status update without me having to ask for it. Strike 1.

Let's rewind for a bit. So I made the order on 2/13/12. As I'm sure you're well aware, the limit of time that one can file a dispute on a particular transaction is within 45 days (Paypal) & normally 60 days (credit cards). So now you've stated that the release date was 3/30, then 4/9, and now 4/16. Had I waited and not done anything, I would have been fcuked as I would have exceeded the time limit to dispute the trans & my cc couldn't protect me of your inability to fulfill the order. Given the numerous posts on here about bmwpartssource, especially the ridiculousness of how you're illegally collecting sales tax on out-of-state orders and not refunding their money; I have no confidence in you of being able to do the right thing. Strike 2.


In regards to your ebay listing at the higher price, the retail price for the Jeff Koons art car is $145-165. You asking $400 for it on ebay just solidifies that you're a con-artist looking to make a quick buck. This, I believe is supported if one simply does a keyword search on you / bmwpartssource. Strike 3.

If I was a betting man, I'd say it's highly doubtful that you'll be able to fulfill your orders by 4/16. (Prove me wrong!!!! lol) On the bright side, now I know to always do my research on any vendor I do business with. Coincidentally, the new vendor that took my preorder doesn't charge my credit card until the items have been shipped; just as it should to be.

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