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sna77 04-06-2012 01:52 PM

OEM refurbished Sirius units: $250 + 1 year of free Sirius
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Check this out:

Part # 65120439437 ($250 at Tischer) is in the ETK as re-manufactured Sirius unit. The "new" unit is part #65120439436, which includes a free trial year of service.

It was my understanding that the re-manufactured units were not supposed to include the free trial subscription... I've bought 2 (one for the ZHP and one for the X3) and both have come with the free year trial! A year of Sirius is $125 prepaid... So you're basically getting the receiver for $125. This is a good effing deal!

BTW, the 65120439437 re-manufactured kit contains receiver with part #: 65120440550, which is current (made by Alpine)




Baer 04-08-2012 08:55 AM

Steve, why did you decide that you needed updated modules?

sna77 04-08-2012 10:47 AM

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Originally Posted by Baer (Post 14271039)
Steve, why did you decide that you needed updated modules?

The module on my wife's X3 died--so I needed a new one, and when I found that used 2nd generation ones going for $300+ I decided to look around for something newer...

Andy actually discovered the part # of the refurbed unit. After I order it and installed it, I decided I might as well just buy one for the ZHP as well.

The newer unit, made by Alpine (instead of unbranded Chinese company), shows additional characters + a 3rd line of text. It also tunes the stations much faster than the older tuner...

If I didn't have Nav, I wouldn't have upgraded the second receiver, but figured what the heck, could sell the 2nd generation one for essentially the same cost as the new unit... Discovering the free year of service was an added bonus. My units had just been renewed for a year in March, so I just took that credit and extended my service for another year...

Picture of the additional lines of text:

YouTube video showing how fast the tuner is:

Arty 01-28-2013 06:35 PM

Hi Sna77,

I'm looking at getting SIRIUS both for my X3 and my mini cooper (ibus). Can you shaare your thoughts on what part 65120439447 might be and how it differs from the BMW iBus receivers?


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