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M3WiLd 04-22-2012 02:23 PM

FS: 2008 Jetstream Blue Corvette C6 with GMPP extended warranty
Hi all - I hope everyone reading this is doing well.

I have been apart of Corvette Forum since 2004 and have met hundreds of fantastic members over the years and at various events and cruises. I am a big car guy and have owned some other great cars and have been apart of this forum for several years as well. It pains me to make this post but I am listing my 2008 Corvette C6 for sale. I am purchasing a new house and the equity in the car will be put toward other funds for the down payment. This is my 4th corvette and surely will not be my last.

On to the car
I fell in love with nassau blue in 1998 and never got to own one in the 3 years they made the color. Since seeing Jetstream blue for the 1st time at Carlisle in the summer of 2007 - and the addition of the LS3 Engine, I knew I had to own one (at the time I had a 2002 Z06).
Needless to say it was not easy to find a JSB C6 with a 6 speed auto. I searched all over for this car and it happend to be right under my nose in New Jersey and owned by a Corvette Forum member who purchased it new. I knew this was the car.

Facts of the car:
This is a 2008 Corvette C6 2LT (Jetstream Blue with Ebony interior) with chrome wheels and painted top. 6.2 Liter LS3 Engine making 436 hp through the 6 speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. The car currently has 27,XXX miles and is a clear title and accident free with ZERO Paintwork.
*Important to note* The car is under warranty through GMPP (GM's extended warranty). This can only be purchased while the car is under factory warranty through a GM Dealership. This warranty covers everything (I have booklet and card with all info for new owner) and it is good until 5/13 or 52,XXX miles ($100 deductible). The warranty can be extended if someone wishes to do that, but there is plenty of time before they need to contact Ken Fitchner (Supporting CF dealer who offers the GMPP at basically wholesale for forum members). I would like to say this proudly, the car has been flawless and has never had any warranty work.

Included are both key fobs, all Corvette manuals, and I have all service records (Oil changes, etc). It has a newer battery (receipt for this) that is only a year old or so.

-All services are up to date
-Car has virtually brand new tires (Continential ExtremeContact DWS - 1500 miles on them) - these tires are talked about on the forum and are one of the best tires reviewed on tirerack. Just to let you know when these were replaced at 26k miles, the original tires still had great tread left. The rears were 7/32! I just wanted to get rid of the hard run flats.
-The car's brakes are in great shape as they were looked at when I had ECS (supporting CF vendor) this past February install the Corsa Sport Quad Exhaust system, Z06 JSB colored trunk lip (this replaces the black piece sticking off the back and is the size of the Z06s), and the MGP (Red Corvette) caliper covers - I personally like the caliper covers, however a couple screws and 15 minutes later and they are 100% removable. These are the only "mods" on the car and added up cost around $1800 or so.
The car's engine has always been 100% stock - car was never modded or raced. I drove it to work on nice days and drove it on the weekends to some car events and cruises. Other than that it sits in the garage when it's not driven. I am the only one who drives the car, and there is absolutely no food eaten in the car, and I do not smoke and would never let anyone smoke in the car. The car has the original windshield wipers still on and they work great... if that is any telling of the times the car has seen rain.

The condition of the car:
Let me tell you, I am as anal as they come with my vehicles. They become like children to me, and I always park 1000 feet away from anyone else, car is always clean, and receives multiple FULL details throughout the year. The car will be detailed prior to sale!
I can go around and tell you where any little pin size rock chip is, but there are not many and you might not even find them if I did not point them out. The condition of the car is great. Pictures don't do the JSB color any justice.

Selling details and information:

I have the car for sale on multiple forums, other online sources, and for sale locally. With the Spring season just upon us, I do not anticipate this car is going to last long, and for those who only want a JSB car, this is your chance, as it was mine when I found her.
I can and want to help the buyer as much as I can. I am passionate about all types of cars and absolutely love corvettes. If you are an out of state buyer... I have sold 3 corvettes and other vehicles on the forum over the years (references available on request). Several people on this site know me and can vouch for my honesty and passion I have for my vehicles - Those who have bought cars from me absolutely love the cars I have sold and some I remain in contact with. I have done everything from shipping cars site unseen, having the company ebay uses to inspect cars come out before and then shipped the car, picked people up at Newark (EWR) Airport (20 minutes from me), and they drive it home, and have sold a car to someone that lives in the same town as me. Keep in mind the car is under warranty so obviously there is nothing mechanically wrong.

I recommend a few shipping options (both enclosed and open trailer) that I have used several times over the years (Horseless Carriage for enclosed, and Magic Carpet Auto transport for open - both are fully licensed and insured and deal often with exotics.

I can accept a certified bank check or wire transfer - both work well and I have experience with accepting both. I live in Basking Ridge, NJ (I am close to I-95, Garden State Parkway, I-287, I-78 -- basically all major highways, and like I said I am 20 minutes west from Newark Airport (EWR).

Also to note: If anyone is in need of an auto loan. Look no further. www.penfed.org - 2.49% up to 60 months. You make a $15 donation fee and you are a member. This is the preferred loan company on MANY auto forums.. they are quick, easy to work with and best of all their customer service is amazing. There is no outsourcing, so things get answered quickly, and accurately. Plus, look at the rate ... 2.49% is excellent. Their loan checks are processed in Oregon, so if you call at 3pm EST you will have your loan check the next day if you ask for overnight delivery. Little tip: after applying, call and speak to a rep. They will manually process it through right then and there, and that is where you would get the check for next day delivery. I have used this company several times over the years, and I have a 9.99% credit card with them as well. Excellent company with outstanding rates.

I hope I have answered any and all questions someone would have about my C6, and I am truly going to miss the car and waving to other vettes, hearing the exhaust on start up every early morning when its nice out and I am going for a drive, etc. I hope someone can enjoy this well cared for Corvette and it continues giving people smiles everytime they hop in for a drive as it did for me.

Below are pictures and here is a link to a video of the Corsa Sport Exhaust (there is zero drone at any RPM - this is what it's famous for:
corvette C6 coupe corsa exhaust - YouTube

Price: $31,950





(Without Brake Calipers):

rocketpants 04-23-2012 07:30 PM

Bump for a beautiful colored car, and a fellow local!

M3WiLd 04-24-2012 07:37 AM

Thank you! gorgeous sunny day out!

M3WiLd 04-25-2012 07:28 PM

All PMs responded to! Back in town.

M3WiLd 04-28-2012 02:21 PM

UP up. for the weekend

initial R90 04-29-2012 02:09 AM

Nice vette I just sold my C5 Zo6

M3WiLd 05-01-2012 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by initial R90 (Post 14342156)
Nice vette I just sold my C5 Zo6

Thank you. I had a c5 z06 before this, procharged putting down around 620 whp :)

initial R90 05-02-2012 11:22 AM

this is a good price too, too bad its auto

Riverbmr3 05-02-2012 02:27 PM

passenger included in the sale? just kidding..nice car

M3WiLd 05-02-2012 07:36 PM

haha the car would be priced higher if I had to include the passenger ;)


M3WiLd 05-04-2012 08:50 PM

PMs sent.

2 parties coming to see it this weekend.

M3WiLd 05-07-2012 06:25 PM

TTT - no deposit yet on car, had 2 serious parties see it over the weekend

M3WiLd 05-10-2012 06:21 PM

TTT! Have a lot of interest, nothing done yet

M3WiLd 05-12-2012 06:39 PM

Here are new pics taken this afternoon!










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