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Levim9 05-18-2012 02:05 AM

Build thread - 2010 to Now - S54 sedan
Hey fanatics! I've never setup a build thread so I might as well now. My 2001 325i is just about at 200k miles and I've decided to make some big changes. Honestly the car has been fun and enjoyable and I don't have plans of getting rid of it. It's about to get a whole lot funner. :4ngie: Cosmetically, the car needs some work but that will come in time. Right now I'm focused on getting it running in top shape.

I know some of the picture quality sucks ITT. Sorry - Will try to get good pictures when I have the car back in couple weeks! :D Also this is sort of a teaser thread. I plan on taking more detailed pictures of everything installed then.

Some recent mods in the past 2 years:

- 17x9 D'Force LTW5 wheels: Loved these wheels but somehow bent one. I found a set of BBS RKs on craigslist last fall within driving distance and bought them and sold the 3 LTW5s.

- Rear Shock Brace: Took a welding class in school and bought myself a Hobart 180 Mig welder. I ended up making a custom rear shock brace and had it powder coated by a local shop. I really can't notice any performance gain but it looks cool and might stiffen the chassis slightly. It's better than the cheap ebay ones but I'd love to upgrade to the mason engineering brace in the future.

- BMW Performance Strut Brace: I bought this when all the BMW Performance stuff went on sale. Looks great and is lightweight!

- Valentine 1 Radar Detector and Uniden BCT-12 Police Scanner

- M3 Tri-Stitch Steering Wheel: Bought this used from a fanatic. It's one of my favorite upgrades.

- Mtech I Front Bumper: I had some front end damage after hitting a fox. Literally right after this happened So Lowww was selling his Mtech I in Jet Black. I drove down to Philly right after school to get it lol. Thanks Khalil!

- 330 Front Brakes, Stoptech Front and Rear Rotors, Stoptech Pads, Stoptech SS Lines, Vorshlag 75mm Stud Kit : Bought the 330 brakes from a fanatic and rest of the brake parts from Anthony at Bimmerbrakes. Thanks guys for the quality parts!

- Cosmos Racing Intake: Sounded nice. I went with the Amsoil dry filter and also had the Amsoil hydro filter to prevent hydro lock. This is a great intake for the price. It's not flashy looking like an AFE or BMW Performance intake but it's a true CAI.

- ebay lip spoiler

- BBS RK wheels 17X8 - I actually found these by mistake. I found a set of steel wheels down near Philly on craigslist and contacted the seller. They were already sold but asked me if I was interested in RKs. Got a good deal so picked them up and sold the D'Forces. Turns out he's a fanatic on here too. They were too small for his M3 but fit my sedan perrrfectly. :)


Now for the stuff I'm VERY excited about! :excited:

I dropped the car off at Motorcepts in NY last weekend for an s54 swap.

It's getting an s54 with 76k miles, 6 speed transmission, complete M3 rear end, JVT headers, Active Tuned ECU, UUC Clutch, and UUC SSK. I can't wait to drive it but the wait is killer.


Okay, so now I have a build thread! I'll update pictures and maybe gopro video in the next couple weeks when the car comes together. Thanks for looking :hi:


D'Force LTW5s after getting them on.

lol suby rally mode..

Flange design for the rear shock brace


Flanges cut and pipe.


Welded and test fitted.


Finished project - I forget who got the other but I sent one out to a fanatic. :) I don't have any installed pics. Looks like sh!t without the trunk liner but with the trunk liner installed and slit properly the bar looks amazing.


BMW Performance Strut Brace



Snow pics.



Valentine 1


Uniden BCT12 scanner picking up Pennsylvania State Police chatter. :P


M3 Tri Stitch Steering Wheel - This replaced my sport wheel.


Mtech I Front Bumper


330 Front Brakes



Cosmos racing intake - sort of the reason I took the foglights out


lip spoiler


BBS RK 17x8





Some mods to go with the M conversion

M3 Rear view


Black gauge face from LEDmods. Should look good with orange needles.


Thanks again for looking! I'll keep this updated as the car comes together. :hi:

omarmarji 05-18-2012 02:16 AM

dude this is awesome man keep it up!

DanielJames 05-18-2012 08:20 AM

looking good, love the wheels/brakes

Levim9 05-20-2012 12:21 AM


Originally Posted by omarmarji (Post 14405264)
dude this is awesome man keep it up!


Originally Posted by DanielJames (Post 14405578)
looking good, love the wheels/brakes

Thanks guys much appreciated. :thumbup:

Here's a picture I received the other day. The engine mileage is going from 197k miles back down to 76k and a lot more power! :)


got330ci? 05-20-2012 01:04 AM

Do want. lol Looks good man.

///Mostarac 05-22-2012 12:06 AM

sub'd :thumbsup:

djnekkon 05-22-2012 12:30 AM

Nice Mods!

simsima325 05-22-2012 08:29 AM

Nice, what transmission is going in with the S54?

spencers 05-22-2012 11:35 AM

Said it before... I love those RK's!

Levim9 05-22-2012 11:32 PM


Originally Posted by got330ci? (Post 14409733)
Do want. lol Looks good man.


Originally Posted by ///Mostarac (Post 14415362)
sub'd :thumbsup:


Originally Posted by djnekkon (Post 14415407)
Nice Mods!

Thanks guys! Can't wait for the swap to be finished then I can make some updates. :D


Originally Posted by simsima325 (Post 14415963)
Nice, what transmission is going in with the S54?

Sorry, didn't specify which transmission. It's a getrag from an M3.


Originally Posted by spencers (Post 14416530)
Said it before... I love those RK's!

Thanks again man, I know who to contact if I find a nice set for sale. :thumbup:

bostonsc4 05-23-2012 12:44 AM

Amazing progress and mods. I have a question though!

Will your new black gauge face be mated to your stock cluster? I don't see any other parts from an M cluster in that picture besides the panels. My thought is that your stock cluster will not be accurate in speed or RPM if it is still calibrated to a speedometer ending at 140 mph, or a tach ending at 7k rpm. I hope you see what I'm getting at. Small, little thing, but just an honest question.

Levim9 05-23-2012 01:03 AM


Originally Posted by bostonsc4 (Post 14418937)
Amazing progress and mods. I have a question though!

Will your new black gauge face be mated to your stock cluster? I don't see any other parts from an M cluster in that picture besides the panels. My thought is that your stock cluster will not be accurate in speed or RPM if it is still calibrated to a speedometer ending at 140 mph, or a tach ending at 7k rpm. I hope you see what I'm getting at. Small, little thing, but just an honest question.

I understand what you mean and thanks for the concern and pointing that out. I left out a lot of little parts here and there but this is getting an M3 cluster with the swap. :)

It's funny. With my non-m gauge cluster I swapped the gauge face to the grey M style bimmian gauge face. I got tired of that look and wanted to go back to the black gauge face but now it's getting an actual M3 cluster. I'll swap the LEDmods gauge face in the new cluster and I'm pretty sure I'll keep this one in. :P

Levim9 06-03-2012 10:39 PM

Progress pics - It should be completed this Tuesday and I can pick it up later in the week. :D


someguy_99 06-04-2012 05:03 PM


BartenderPlease 06-04-2012 06:24 PM

Sweet. I want that BCT 12 but I don't think they are sold anymore.

chris b. 06-04-2012 06:24 PM


So Lowww 06-05-2012 01:00 AM

Wow dude awesome work! I didn't even know you were gonna S54 it!

Glad you like the front bumper :hi:

Brian N 06-05-2012 02:55 AM

Perfection exactly what I want to swap into my sedan! :drool: Love your wheels and studs too.

Just curious how much is the labor+parts costing you? I'm looking to do this in the next year or two myself. PM me if you don't want to post it up. Thanks! :thumbsup:

speedsation 06-05-2012 03:52 AM

^your car looks sick Brian N. soon i will be back in e46!!

speedsation 06-05-2012 03:57 AM

nice build by the way. cant wait to see it how it goes in the end!

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