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sarahkate 07-11-2012 08:40 PM

Crayon-smelling interior?
I just got my 03 325xi and I adore it. It's 9 years old, so obviously it's not brand new, but even after Febreze and carfresheners galore, my interior kind of smells like crayons. Sort of a waxy, not unpleasant smell which I don't even notice but my friends and my mother do. I'm thinking the previous owner had little kids and may have had crayons in the car that melted, but I can't find any stains or wax residue.

What can I do to clean the smell out? Is this just a normal smell for the leather to get after so long?

Also, what is the best product to clean cloudy headlights?


Manny330 07-11-2012 09:22 PM

Haha kids are not the culprit, bmws and other German cars are known for their interiors smelling like crayons. I kinda like it lol. Just find and air freshener a stick with febreeze and you're set..

As far as the head light restoration I would look into buying brand new covers.. they are really easy to switch out( just a couple of clips). They have headlight restoration kits but meh the new covers will make the headlights good as new

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xphiledan 07-11-2012 10:44 PM

All bmws smell like crayons...

mkodama 07-11-2012 10:52 PM

BMW used sound deadening in some parts of the car that is made of a material similar to wax. You can take it out if you want, as it doesn't do a big deal of sound deadening. There is one piece under the rear seats, just sitting there. One piece on top of each of the rear wheel wells under the carpeting, and I think there is one piece under the rear shelf, but that is a little harder to get to.

SamDoe1 07-11-2012 11:30 PM


Originally Posted by sarahkate (Post 14563227)
Also, what is the best product to clean cloudy headlights?

Your other question was answered so I'll answer this one. As was mentioned, you can always buy a new pair of headlight covers for around $70ish. If you want to save some cash, you can do the 3M headlight restoration kit. I've used this several times with stellar results. It costs ~$15.

Now the catch. The 3M kit sands off the top layer of plastic on the headlights in order to remove the yellowing and haze. If you have severe pitting and/or cracking, you will have to get new lens covers. Also, when you sand off the outer layer of plastic, you are sanding off the built in UV protection in the plastic. This means the headlights will yellow and haze much faster than before. You can mitigate this issue by coating the lens with a good wax or sealant which will significantly, not totally, slow down the hazing/yellowing.

Good luck!

TOGWT 07-12-2012 06:33 AM


Originally Posted by sarahkate (Post 14563227)
Also, what is the best product to clean cloudy headlights?


Ultra Violet Protection

Original equipment material (OEM) suppliers started to add ultra violet UV-B protection to the surface of the lens in an attempt to reduce the yellowing and cloudiness and prolong the usable life of the lens.

Removing oxidation or scratches from vehicle headlights or brake lights (also polycarbonate) also removes the OEM ultra violet (UV-B) protection.

Surfaces that have yellowed are a sign that the ultra violet (UV) sacrificial coating has failed and must be resurfaced and recoated or the yellowing due to UV damage will return

a) A coating product that contains UV protection
(Opti-Coat or Aquartz) can be used once headlights are polished

b) Using a good quality acrylic urethane clear coat with ultra violet (UV) protection. There are chemicals that are considered UV blockers and other chemicals that work as UV absorbers; they are both different chemicals. Ultra-fine metal oxides deliver superior UV protection and significantly improved transparency and durability. 2K urethanes can be difficult to wipe on or brush apply as they set up quickly on applied surfaces and can leave brush marks, which will distort the optics, a paint spray gun or mall air spray unit is ideal.

In order to restore the lens back to its OEM standards a new UV resistant coating must be re-applied. Once both lenses have been polished to restore clarity, they should be sanded with 1500 grit finishing paper, this ensures the clear coat has a ‘key’ to enable adhesion. When you spray clear coat on the sanded lenses it fills in those light scratches and makes them clear and glossy making them look brand new.

SprayMax® (aerosol spray) is a 2K clear paint: two-component acrylic resins plus isocyanates hardener that contains UV-B protection. (18 USD)

Shake aerosol can vigorously for two minutes before activating. To activate, take the red button from the cap and attach it to the pin on the bottom of the can. Put the top of the aerosol can on stable on a stable surface and push the red button firmly and press the pin into the can. Shake again for two minutes to ensure activator is thoroughly mixed with clear coat.

Apply 2-3 light coats and allow 5-10 minutes between each coat. After the application of the final coat allow approximately 24 hours dry time or use an infra red (IR) drying lamp (recommended)

euG! 07-26-2012 05:20 PM

I only notice that smell with leather interiors. I have alcantara and never experienced it in my car.

Buy new lens' and lamin-x... restorations are usually temporary.

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