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vinko2000 08-09-2012 05:59 PM

Condenser fan really noisy after turn off the car...
As the title says, the Condenser Fan gets really noisy for about 5 seconds after I turn the car off, like the speed goes up considerably.
Now the facts, the condenser was replaced after a accident on January 2011 when a was living in Seattle WA, it was a used one, I never use the A/C in Seattle, then I moved here to Nashville, last December, and when I try to use the A/C it didn't work, turns out the Condenser had a big leak, it was "repaired" with J-B WELD by a friend, but somehow the A/C wasn't working properly, even when the tester said that it was full of "Freon", the air came just a little bit colder, I took it to "The Car People" in Downtown Nashville (they repair my transmission a few months ago, good job), now they replace the Condenser and the Outside Ambient Temp Sensor ($800), now the A/C works great but I have the problem with the fan, I took the car back to them, but they said that the noise is normal, in the shop maybe the noise is not too loud because all the sound surrounded, but when I go to work for example and I park in the Mall parking lot, the people around me look at me because the noise in my car, really really loud.
Any ideas what this is happening?, I tried to find something in this forum, but nothing similar, I want to take the car back so they can check this but I wanna do it with some information, so they can't tell me again that is normal. Thanks a lot guys.

klax 08-10-2012 02:13 PM

Your fan shouldn't make any strange noises. How long does the noise last - as long as the fan is running? Is your car an automatic transmission?

vinko2000 08-10-2012 05:45 PM

The noise last for about 4-5 seconds; when the car is running, the fan makes a normal sound (as normal as any fan, like the radiator fan), two seconds after I turn the car off is when the fan start spinning really really fast and makes the loud noise, imagine a living room's fan that for 5 second you can increase the speed about five times over the maximum, that kind of sound. When I said that people turns their head, I'm not exaggerating, I guess they are wondering where the noise came from... By the way, the Condenser fan just turn on when the A/C is on, but if the A/C is off and I turn the car off, the Condenser fan start spinning fast and makes the noise anyways after the car is off for the same 4-5 seconds.
And my car has an automatic transmission.
Thanks klax...

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