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djpops 08-13-2012 04:10 PM

330i Auto 2001 - Power Issues & Misfire on Cylinder 2
Hello - Im new to this site.
After taking my 330i to the garage today, I have been told that I may have a faulty ECU.
When I drive the car and between 10 - 20mph in slow traffic and then need acceleration, sometimes the car will hesitate to pick up and drive sluggish. The net effect is the car wil lose power and rumbles on with 5 cylinders operational, the engine warning light will glow. I must therefore pull over to re start the engine and it drives fine after every incident.This happens most days but when driven like a sports car at top speeds it drives perfect.

The codes logged from the diagnostic unit were:

(191) BF Oxygen Sensor, bank 2 , after catalytic converter, insufficient heat output
(239) EF Misfire, Cylinder 2
(001) 01 Fuel ignition, cylinder 2 activation
(190) BE Oxygen Sensor, bank 1 , after catalytic converter, insufficient heat output

My mechanic says the O2 sensor would not cause the problem that I am describing
My mechanic is experienced and before running his own BMW garage he worked for BMW.
When he test drove the car he could not replicate the fault I was having when I drove it - which I find weird as It happened to me everyday.
Although driving home today - it did not happen. I do not feel the problem is cured though!
My mechanic feels the ECU may be playing up as he has done various tests & eliminated any injector faults and No 2 cylinder. The problem must be electrical as when I re start the engine the car runs perfectly on all six cylinders???
If I send my ECU off to be repaired or tested I will have to payover 300.00 plus; and this may not cure the problem. Could my fault be attributed to something else or is this the best road to go down? Should I just go to a BMW dealership and have them diagnose the fault? Any advice please
would be appreciated.

Quads 08-27-2012 06:06 AM

Did you have any luck with a resolution? I'm getting a similar code: BD Insufficient heat output, oxygen sensor before catalytic converter, bank 2.

Will get mine checked out in the next few days but thought you might be able to share any revelations?


djpops 08-27-2012 10:23 AM

Misfire Problems Cylider 2
Hi Nick

I had to send my engine ecu to get checked out and the technician told me it had been repaired before. 300.00 later he repaired it, although he did not specifically say that the repair he did was causing my misfire?? However he told me that my ecu fault i had was caused by a circuit that was traveling back to the ecu unit and shorting it out and if I did not track down the electricla fault, the moment i plugged the ecu back in it could blow again. Both my mechanics (so called experts) were unsure of where to start looking for this fault when i told them this.
The story gets better...I managed to speak to a 22 year old mechanic just starting out, who told me to go back to basics and replace all my six injectors and spark plugs before pluggin the ecu back in. At more expense I replaced all six as advised and now the car runs perfect. In all, this exersise has cost me the best part of 800.00 when I beleive all i needed to do in the first place was to replace the six injectors and spark plugs.
I suggest you start with the basics and work from there. Having read through this site I relasised that the combination of faults I refering to was only one main problem. Misfire of Cylinder 2 caused by a dogy injector.
The other codes that were triggered by this fault were just a chain reaction of events that the ecu goes through to try and correct itself. In future if i get any more faults I'll go through my own process of elimination before spending 60.00 per hour for guess work!
I hope you get your problem sorted mate.

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