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Calnanr 09-02-2012 08:58 AM

Incarmedia australia warning!!!
Back in May I purchased my Android Dynavin for my car. Once installed the photos on the ipod covers stopped working after 3rd plug in and first ten minutes installed. Blue tooth worked initially but then latter cut out, the unit stalled and was slow and I couldn't get connection anywhere, it was obvious that from the start due to delayed application running times and failure to open applications it was a lemon. I went to my I.T group that I used for work, the system said, authenticating, connecting and than nothing. This happened for me, at home, at work and I was unable to connect via wireless hotspot through mine or my friends smart phones. I went to my local JB Hi-fi. The young bloke there actually had one. He tried to connect it and finally it connected through their wi-fi which I'm assuming is obviously incredibly strong. Through that I was able to download apps and maps etc. The use of this unit and it's apps are useless without connectivity. I reset the system and informed Ray from incarmedia several times. The group lack what's called 'good old fashion personable service' and would only send me emails though their website. The only time Ray ever once returned my phone call was when I was phoning up with payment. (No surprises there) their website is set up in a way that you can only leave msg's and not talk to a live operator. Finally they agreed to take a look at the unit. I bubbled wrapped it and sent it off with a $40.00 postage fee. The unit arrived and Ray claimed they spent 6 hours testing it and that they'd spent more than enough time on it for me and that the ipod photo covers were not going to be fixed because it is beyond the unit capacity (As far as I'm concerned I paid for the system to be in full working order) Is that not fair? He only got back to me when I contacted him, He said that the units SD card was corrupt and it had bugs and faults and he had now rebooted it. When it first arrived he said to me "Rhys, you have more problems than ipod cover photos) trying to draw me away from the fact I wasn't getting what I paid for. I asked Ray how this could happen? It literally came out of a new box. He ignored my question and just informed me he had sent it back. When the unit arrives I have it installed the second time. The unit came back exactly how it was. When I contacted Ray he pleaded with me that they had done all they can to help me and he spent hours testing the system and trying to help me by getting it work. He tried to make out as though he was a victim by having to fix the faulty system I paid $1000.00 bucks for and lets just say with everything else and sending it back. In excess of that figure. Finally I get the idea to film where the unit is plugged in and what's happening. I send him the video and he responds with how frustrating. Send it back. By this stage it was very evident it was a very disorganized business. My reverse camera and the unit itself ended up at my local post office had I not gone in looking for it it would have been sent back. He mixed up my work address with my home address, not once... But twice. By this stage I'm already suspicious of his misconduct and bad service, but being a fair guy I gave him the benefit of the doubt. When the System arrives back again, he posts videos of him using the system, regardless i don't really give a turd about the issues, I'm already incredibly concerned i've bought a faulty lemon of a product and as you would with a T.V, Washing machine or dishwasher with these faults you would get it honored by manufacture warranty. Finally when it comes back I book the unit in at my local Audio One in Perth CBD. The guy there than opens the box and all the cables I sent off with it are missing, Ray than tells me that I have opened and tampered with the unit, hence voided the warranty and will not be getting any warranty from the unit. I'd actually booked it into audio one to get the system tested. The guy at Audio one actually laughed and said "mate, this guy is really having you on, just ask him for your money back, this is just a joke". By this stage my frustration had gotten so bad I was so sick of this guy I wrote him an email to tell him everything and he left it at that he was not going to do anything about it and too bad. I had my lawyer even write him an email to which he never got back to. I've now heard that Ray sold the business. I don't even know if this is true or a further part of his scam. All I want is my damn money back or a new working system. My car has trim parts hanging off where a reverse camera goes into nothing, I have no cords to even plug the unit in if I did, and last time the unit arrived the cords to the steering wheel cables, I've since re installed my factory unit which really just sits in a giant hole in my dash, but works fine, which further proves it's Incarmedias system. For Incarmedias defense they have uploaded videos on YouTube which to me really doesn't mean anything because that could be any system he's filming and mine doesn't work.

So to sum everything up I've

1. Spent over $100.00 in postage
2. I'm over $1000.00 out of pocket
3. I have a been told that its not their problem because Ray sold the business
4. I have a massive hole in my dash and a useless dynavin system that I can't even plug in, not that i'd want to because nothing works, nor do my wheel cables.
5. I've wasted countless hours running around after this thing. I was even prepared to have it tested by another audio group but can't now because Ray won't return my pieces and claims they're probably floating around W.A somewhere there's pretty much nothing I can do.

To top it all off the last email he sent me he even had the nerve to say "If you ask nicely it goes a long way" after I patiently put up with this crap for two months :banghead:. As when last time he didn't get back to me he distastefully gave me the excuse of that he was at a funeral. :ben:

trive2 09-02-2012 08:13 PM

I've tried to read this a few times but I just can't get more than few lines in before losing track... Can you please use paragraph's?

MercForHire 09-02-2012 08:38 PM

You just got scammed by the Chinese Android piece of sh1t . $1000 on $100 worth of hardware.

betik 09-03-2012 01:40 AM

I'm also from Perth was looking at buying one Of these from incarmedia am I better off going to audio one and getting something similar there?

SCOTTY J H 09-03-2012 06:01 AM

Hey Calnanr,

Thanks for taking your time to write about your not so good experience with Incarmedia, I was going to buy 1 next month from these guys but I will hold off now but I'm still set on getting 1 from somewhere else. Please let me know if you hear anything else from these guys, good 2 see your in Perth!


Calnanr 09-04-2012 07:07 AM

Hi guys. I certainly did my research before buying it. Interestingly I was told that putting Gps factory style would not be easy and would be cheaper option to upgrade the car. I found my relocation kit at quarry motors where I source all my parts from in the u.k if not in the u.k I go to parramatta BMW in nsw. I got my relocation kit from quarry motors uk which turned out to be only around $120.00 a huge saving as BMW told me $277.00 and no one there even knew what I was talking about. It's easy to install yourself and believe me I'm no handy guy lol. Quarry were very efficient they even called me and postage was fast (that's unusual in W.A) everything I read on dynavin was that they were awesome systems, I must say had it worked properly it would have been incredible. My advice would be to source a BMW one from a wrecker. However if you want to take the risk order one in oz or the united states, I also found interesting that the u.s price is not much cheaper. The problem is that no car audio stores stock them here out of a shop. I guess that could be a hint in itself about the system. If you're going to get one maybe get the basic model because my thoughts are that this is just and early prototype. I asked someone that purchased one from Jason at Eurovision I would have but I couldn't get through to him on the day.

Alex323Ci 09-04-2012 01:59 PM

Well if the company is gone then go direct through Dynavin or one of their listed distributors. If the company is around, make them warranty it through whatever laws your country has. (ex. here we have a Small Claims Court).

before doing this make sure again it's that particular unit and not just something being installed wrong.

betik 09-04-2012 10:36 PM

How did you pay for the dynavin? Credit card?

Calnanr 09-05-2012 05:51 AM

Yes credit card. I've already lodged a transaction dispute. Fingers crossed!

betik 09-05-2012 08:39 AM

Well in future PayPal would be the go because if anything goes wrong they cover the money..

Calnanr 09-18-2012 09:24 AM

4 Attachment(s)
So I've had an update from Incarmedia. I asked the 'new' business owners if they left my cords around and they were ever so rude about it. They accused me of opening the system or someone else. That's because I told them Raimond had tampered with it to justify his decline of covering system under manufacturing warranty I had no idea what he meant when he stated in emails I'd opened it, then close examination of the system I'd noticed the year shreds had been moved. How's that for shady!!!! Why the apparent new owners stated that I don't know why because as they said its not their problem.

They also told me if I want new cords to log in and pay through website and mentioned that like any form of web business they wouldn't be responsible if they didn't show up. I asked them where I should get it fixed if so and they told me "throw it out or take it to an electrical shop" they also told me to stop wasting my time and accept these cords have been lost. Interesting because everything they sent is registered, it should be packed with the unit.

I want everyone to know about this that I can. Thank god for the Internet as I can try my best to get some justice back as a consumer.

makecopies 09-18-2012 09:33 AM

These Dynavin systems look impressive but always made me nervous spending so much for a non-proven company. I will stick with the usual suspects Pioneer, Sony,Clarion and Kenwood

SCOTTY J H 09-19-2012 05:24 AM

Not good at all :thumbdwn:

betik 09-23-2012 07:23 PM

My dynavin doesn't show album artwork either.. And the wifi turns on says scanning for networks then says unable to scan for networks should I be worried?

Calnanr 09-25-2012 05:23 AM

Yep I would be! Start documenting everything. I found a blog somewhere on tests on the android dynavin. 75% of them came back. Main problem, it was bugged. You might be fine provided the seller responds and rectifies. If you got it from Incarmedia
I can't comment on the new owners and what they will do, but judging the way they treated me, who knows. I'm trying to find out if they're are even certified to perform warranty repairs on the unit. I called
Dynavin in China today and I'm not to sure where
It will go as they don't speak English well.

choxor 09-25-2012 06:29 AM

Sucks that they treated you so poorly. I'd be thoroughly pissed. Spread the word on every site that deals with dynavin (BMW, Audi, etc). I had a dynavin in my old e46 and I bought it through Jeff here on the forums. I wouldn't buy it from anyone else. He goes out of his way to make sure his customers are treated right.

Calnanr 09-25-2012 10:14 PM

Dynavin australia warning
HI Guys

I recently purchased a Dynavin Android back in May. I wanted to share my bad experience with as many people that I possibly could. I've already shared it with several others on e46 forum. I noted the opinon of other users to make sure I wasn't being an absolute princess. I like to think I'm a fair and sane consumer and it seemed others agreed.

My Dynavin arrived in late May. After several enquires on the INCARMEDIA website I chose to buy it of Raimond Vitiello as he threw in reverse camera to conclude a deal. I'd tried phoning several timse when enquiring, however the only time they phoned me back was when I had the credit card in hand to make payment. (No surprises there).

Once the System was installed my friend and I were amazed at what it could do. However all of a sudden the I-pod cover photographs stopped working. My friend being a bit of a wiz kid started checking all the software, certain apps were failing to run and open. Than we tried to connect to the internet to download apps. The system scanned,authenticated and than nothing. Apparantly this is a common issue with these systems and they can be easily bugged.

Raimond prompted me through checking the unit and when that failed I took it to my I.T guys that do work for our business. They couldn't get it to work either. Raimonds immediate reluctance to believe it was the systems fault was noticed straight away as he sent back short emails and kept suggesting other things, When I told him that it hadn't worked at 5 different WIFI spots he finally agreed to take it back. He wouldn't consider looking into the I-pod photos. He informed me that it's past the Systems Capicity. I told him that I paid $990.00 based on the unit being in full working order, I told him the apps were running slow and were hard to open. When he gets it back he doesn't update me until I started sending him emails, In the emails I brought up the ipod photos to which he replied "RHYS- you have bigger problems than i-pod photos). He told me the system was bugged, but its important to note that it's working now so I needn't worry.

Raimond than sends the unit back. This is around mid June now, So the unit gets re-installed and the exact same problems persist. Only this time the steering wheel cables aren't working properly

When I express my frustration to Raimond he pretty much tells me "Too bad, we've done all we can". He told me that he wasted 8 hours of his time running tests on the unit and it tested up fine so It must be my fault or the fault of the installers.

I could'nt believe what I was hearing!. I didn't know what to do. Then I decided to film me using the unit and send it to him. Once sent to him he replies, "This must be so frustrating, Please send it back to us and we'll fix it". I sent the unit back and he starts replying, "You've opened the box so your warranty is voided". At first I had no idea what he meant by that and wondered how it was possibly that if you take a product out of a box your warranty is voided. Then when he sent it back on closer examination I noticed the tear shreds were ripped and it looked like someone had tried to place a sharp tool in the back.He told me he took photographs of this and accused me of welding the unit and opening it.

The last email Raimond sent me stated this again and said that there will be no warranty and no refund. This is when I told him that once I got the unit back I would have it tested by an independant car Audio group. The unit came back in the box and when I oppened it at the car audio place the FAKRA cable and the Canbus were missing. Raimonds reply to this is that apparantly there was no cables in the box when I sent it. He also said that he is not liable for my cords and they would have been lost in the mail. Interesting considering everything was posted in the same box.

So all up

- I'm down over $1000.00
- Warranty was not honoured
- INCARMEDIA tampered with my unit to void warranty.

So what have I done since....

I've contacted Dynavin in China. 3 emails, no reply. I than called them yesterday and spoke to someone. They couldn't speak the best english but said to email her and she will contact the new owners. What I wanted to find out is if INCARMEDIA are actually even a certified warranty repairer. Meaning, should they have posted my unit direct to Dynavin in China.

The last contact I had with them were the now new owners. Yes Raimond sold the business, no wonder he didn't care. The new owners attitude stinks, They told me it's not their problem, they also accused me of tampering with the system and told me to basically rack off. I've screen shotted their emails, you can have alook at the link below and what I posted on E46 Forums.


Calnanr 09-27-2012 07:17 AM

Hi I went to dynavin direct as a last resort. I did buy from a "proffessional" not a wholesaler.

Kensm3 09-27-2012 08:49 AM

Hi Guys
I also bought a Dynavin from Incarmedia, and, you guessed it, TROUBLE. Gps navigation won't load any maps. Trying to get in touch with them via email but no response. Does anyone know incarmedia's phone number??? After sales service Is non existent.
Certainly will not be recommending friend to buy from them unless service improves in a hurry.
Thank in advance Ken

Calnanr 09-28-2012 12:35 AM

Hi Ken...

Interestingly enough I serched the previous owners name. His business was known as Quantin PTY LTD. So I've managed to find Quantin Property Maintenance. I tried contacting Raimond via that also. Exact same type of business, no one answered the phone and it went to a msg service. It said that they had 27 years experience in the area but clearly not because there was no written testimonials or anything about them anywhere. It just didn't seem to add up. THe guy is obviously a serial skammer. If I were you Ken if you paid via credit card, quickly lodge a transaction dispute I'd do it regarless if they fix the system. These android units are clearly some sort of prototype.

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