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illestminimike 09-03-2012 10:58 PM

Nicely Lit Cluster
My alignment is off really bad. Im waiting for my RTABs to come on Wednesday so I can take it to get an alignment. My car has the DSC, yellow brake, tire pressure monitor and SMG light on. Its clearly the steering angle position sensor lighting these up. It use to only come on after 5 minutes of driving but now these lights stay on as soon as I start it. Once I get my alignment how should I go about turning the lights off? Will they reset themselves? Can I just disconnect the battery? Or should I have someone reset them with a computer? Thanks in advance guys.

$ilent ///M 09-05-2012 10:56 PM

check codes to see if not a wheel speed sensor or any module causing the lights. also pa soft has an option in there to recalibrate the szl.

illestminimike 09-05-2012 10:58 PM

Lol you were the only one I was hoping to post in this thread. Thanks man. But I'm certain it's not a wheel speed sensor. Still going to read the codes when I clear them. I wish I knew someone local that had PA software.

turbo_f22_pilot 09-05-2012 11:07 PM

Post in your regional section, there are several people out there with GT1/DIS/INPA that can read / reset / calibrate for you.

nojoda 09-06-2012 01:11 PM

threads like these frighten the heck out of my because I wouldn't know where to start to troubleshoot the issue.
Im in the need of rtabs but I only know that because I went to align my car, and they told me I needed the rtabs replaced.

thank gawd, this forum keeps alive.

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