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Lividevil 09-04-2012 06:01 AM

Headlight adjusting brackets broke! I don't have night vision!
So the clips to adjust my headlights broke so they are not staying connected and are facing the ground so the amount of light is well... 2 ft in front of me unless i turn my fog lights on.

been searching on this forum for hours now trying to figure out what is the best kind of headlights to get, but seriously half of the site likes DEPOs and the other half hates them. its really cut in half, im slowly trying to fix my E46 since i bought it a little beat up and the money i was going to use to fix the sunroof is now going towards headlights :banghead: damn them priorities.

I'm planning on just buying a new headlight assembly, so im planning on just upgrading to an angel eyes kit too, i was figuring i could just knock them out with a plug and play set of DEPOs but i can't find a set that i would know for sure they are plug and plays. and if the ones i do find have the turn signal attached to them #donotwant. Can anyone help me out with this headache I'm getting and a site that they trust buying things from (always paranoid buying items from sites i don't know). Any alternative answers would be helpful too, such as how to fix adjusting brackets (the plastic clips in the headlight housing) and how much it would cost to do so would also be very helpful.

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