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johnnyo1967 09-09-2012 10:33 PM

convertible trouble
i have a 2002 bmw 330cic convertible! the top won't go down! i just bought it at an auction. the right rear window will not go down. the airbag light is on. i'm wondering if the airbag light being on or the window not going down is tripping some computer into not letting the top move! any help would be greatly appreciated!!! i have replaced a couple of regulators on my 2001 325xi before. i'm thinking the motor might be bad or maybe the switch!

BWOODM3 09-09-2012 11:08 PM

Did you check the lever in the trunk? Make sure it's in the correct position, or maybe try opening and closing it. Does the light blink? Does you hear a unusual sound? Do the windows go down? Have you ever had problems with it? Give as much info as you can. And try more researching, theres even a few convertible videos on YouTube. Good luck


johnnyo1967 09-10-2012 02:05 AM

i didnt check lever in trunk. i didnt even know it was there! i bouhgt the car at an auction and there was no owners manual! the right rear window does not go down and air bag light is on.

gzip01 09-10-2012 03:27 PM

what do the lights indicate when you push the button to open the top?

----- Open up your rear seats and check the motor;
----- Check ur trunk and make sure the hatch is in a position so the top can fold into the trunk. (its located inside the trunk towards the top)

halohead52 09-10-2012 06:11 PM

You will find an online owner's manual for your vert at www.bimmerboard.com/forums/posts/324422

Toadman 09-10-2012 06:15 PM

If the rear window does not go down the top will not open and you will get a blinking red like when you press the down button. You need to figure out what is wrong with the rear window first.

FLarrazabal 09-25-2012 10:25 AM

I have a 325Ci with a few issues, it started with the close when door shut funtion of the front windows. Its the function the lowers the front windows approx 1/4" when you open the doors in order to clear the convertible weather seal. Upon closing the door the windows automatically raise to the full close position. I noticed that when the driver side door is opened, the the door open light on the instrument panel will not come on, the overhead light will not come on and the window will not lower. Also when I use the key remote to unlock the doors, the left door will not unlock, it will however lock with the remote. Everything works fine with the left door. I called the BMW dealer in town and they said it may be a loose wire or maybe it needed a computer reset. About $300.00. I've done some research and those functions are controled by the door lock itself. So I removed the door lock from the door which requires the removal of the airbag, window, and window regulator, a true pain since the window has a number of adjustments. I did not find any loose wires but the door lock did look worn out. I will be ordering a new one soon and hopefully that will fix the problems. After installing everthing back, I noticed that the airbag warning light on the instrument panel was on. I rechecked that the airbag was connected and it was. I did some research and found out that I could reset the computer and that would turn the light off, the maintenace manual also said that after an airbag change the computer may have the be reset. Ok so I find a video that shows how to reset the computer, however I think I've messed something up because now my convertible is acting up. Here is what its doing, I start the car and push the top down button, nothing happens, I lower the windows and then push the top down button again, not the top lowers normally. Now I try to put the top up but nothing happens with the windows up or down. I turn the car off and restart it back up, now the top up button and everything works fine. I tried cycling the the top again, but again same issues, top comes down normaly but have to shut car off then back on, then the top will come back up. Not sure what I have done, also when I tried to reset the computer when I turn the ignition switch to the first position I hear a switching noise comming from the area where the CVM (convertible top module) is located. This is all driving me crazy, I have found the CVM and convertible top manual, but no help there

johnnyo1967 10-16-2012 08:34 PM

top is working! door locks don't work with key.
i put a new pass. side rear motor and regulator out of 2002 m3(kind of a pain!) in aND top works now! only 1 problem left! drivers door doesn't lock or unlock with key! i also lost key so now i can't lock car because in order for new key to be programmed you need to lock door with key! i will take it apart tomorrow and see if anything is unhooked. any ideas?

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