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Super Sheep 09-10-2012 03:40 PM

E46 M54B25 PCV hose to Intake Manifold (Need your opinions, insights)
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So I bought a 2005 BMW E46 325CI with 75k miles for a pretty good price. ($11,000 all cash). The previous owner said it has been in no major accident and hence no major repairs and from what I can tell, he drove it like a grandma so there wear and tear has been minor. Besides the time he claim that his wife accidentally tore off the front bumper by going over a parking divider (those concrete slabs to prevent people from pulling too forward):facepalm:

So anyways so 5-6 months later the car is 91k miles and I figure I would start doing preventive maintenance before the car hit 100k miles.
Over the month, I've cleaned the DISA valve (thing look brand new to be honest), replaced the lower and upper intake boot, replaced brunt out windshield and headlight washer pumps, cleaned the throttle body and replaced the ICV. Replaced a foglight (since it was missing :tsk:), mended the bumper, cleaned up the wiring, etc etc....

Replaced all the spark plugs and it was when I took off the plastic covers on top of the motor I noticed this hose was curiously missing. I've looked up online and on realOEM.com diagrams for any clues but I cannot figure out if there is suppose to be a hose there, or if the previous owner like tore off the hose and filled in the hole with plaster or whatever:banghead:. Some threads I found mention that certain model's Oil Separator actually has that hose plugged in as it wasn't used, I don't know if that is correct or not.:hmm: (As far as I know there has been no code from the OBDII, nor any issue with the motor, infact after seafoam the motor has been running alot sweeter.:D)

Anyways can some one please enlighten me on the fact if there is suppose to be a hose there? Where does it connect to? (I presume the oil separator?) what is its function and what problems might I have if there hose was missing/malfunctioning.:hmm:

I've attached the photos below and circled the area in question. Thanks for your time.

Super Sheep 09-28-2012 10:10 PM

Well I think I figured out the answer. Its the intake air temperature sensor hole? Since DME update, the MAF sensor has taken over the function of the IAT function, making the sensor redundant so they just plastered filled the socket hole. The updated MAF sensor has 5 wire vs the old 3 wire MAF without IAT function. Anybody more knowledgeable wish to enlighten me if I am correct in this assessment or not?

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