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trj 09-13-2012 04:52 PM

Outstanding Customer Service from Umnitza
This is not a product review. This is entirely about the wonderful customer service I got from Umnitza. I have dealt with almost all the vendors that support this site. So, I have had problems with a few and had satisfactory business with a few. But this time it was unbelievable.

Here is the story:

I purchased orion lite 60 LED angel eyes from umnitza last year in October, with standard warranty. Not the lifetime warranty.
They worked fine for about 4 months and I had the 3 LED out problem. I emailed them about the issue and Tim from umnitza emailed me back with 2 solutions. One was to return them back and one was to try out soldering the points where the LEDs were out.

I thought if I was to take out the rings from the headlight, I would try soldering them back instead of sending it back. It worked and I used them without any problems for some months and I noticed the more LEDs out on the rings.

A week earlier I sent them an email regarding the chunks of 3 LEDs being out again in two rings. I got a response within 12 hours of the first email and after that it was flurry of email exchanges. I had many questions about what parts would I need to send back, change of address on my account and everything. I even asked them to include new clips because my old ones were not clipping very well to the bowls, and I got a response with OK within 5 minutes.
In total I exchanged almost 20+ emails within 2 days. The people there are amazing at replying emails. I get a reply within 20 minutes.

So, I sent all 4 rings back on last Thursday via USPS priority mail, got delivered to them on Saturday. Got an email on Monday from umnitza with the tracking number on the new rings that were shipped. I received the new rings yesterday.
This whole process of initial contact and replacement of the rings being delivered to me took exactly a week including weekend. That is 4 days in total, Now that is fast.

After receiving the package, I was baffled to look at the packaging. It was well packed in a new shiny black magnetic box, with the new updated rings, ballasts(looked like), clips, connectors, dual sided tape and packed very well. At first I thought they sent me the wrong(CCFL) ones because I was not aware of the ballasts being used with the LEDs.

So, I emailed them today again, with the questions about the ballasts and connections and compatibility with my existing relay wiring of the orion lites.
Walla, I get reply within 18 minutes saying that they are the new(updated) rings with the ballasts and are compatible with my existing wiring.

I know these components are not made by umnitza, they are just cheap parts no one really cares about. But as the resellers, their job is to keep the customers happy, doesn't matter if its a $5 part or a $5000 part. And the customer service I received from them has been one of the best ever. Just wanted to spread the word about their customer service.
Umnitza, you've got a long time customer in your list now.

Here are a couple of pictures:

After removing the USPS mail packaging:

After opening the box:

Getting stuff out of the box:

Everything unpacked:

This weekend, going to install them along with my inner fender liners. I thought angel eyes were played out but not having them for a week made me miss them. They were my DRLs, glad they will be back.

Edit: I should have posted in the feedback sub-forum. Mods if you could move it there.

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