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MalikSaab 09-15-2012 07:32 PM

bellfastman69 is a liar and trying to slander someones name
I sold belfastman69 a good maf and he is trying to ruin my reputation by making slandering comments. He told me the maf is bad. I said okay if its bad return it to me. Before all of that he makes a paypal dispute. Therefore im out $62.It takes a week for the item to come to my door. I opened the package today and I was home today because I way away for a few days. I am willing to make a refund but he grew the paypal claim to a dispute and its being reviewed by paypal. Otherwords if it stayed as a claim hed have a refund immediately now he wanted to make a big issue with paypal and wants to make the problem longer and delay it more. Otherwords i dont have the option now on paypal to issue a refund. Now its paypals turn to judge ans etc. I am a standup guy and have a good reputation and good feedback. I have resolved many problems in the past and made them work good. Please bellfastman69 if you are a mature person you would not write this junk all over the forums. You could have dealed with me in a nice way and we would have been done by now.

MalikSaab 09-15-2012 07:35 PM

Also i have things to do and im not here 24-7 i get on here when I can and sometimes patience helps. Im sorry I was away for a few days for work.

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