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wuzilla 09-19-2012 08:37 AM

FS: E46 2001 325it Wagon, 5-spd, $6k
After 5 years of ownership, the car I always said I would never get rid of is now up for sale. My wife and I just moved to Boston and are consolidating cars.

Some basic info:

149xxx miles (raised in Maryland/Virginia - No Rust!!)
Alpine White
Black Leatherette Interior (non-sport)
Upgrade Business CD w/ Satelite Radio and Aux Input
OEM Rubber Mats all around
Non-Cold Weather
Hitch-Rack installed (for bikes)
2-Keys w/ working batteries included.

I'm the 3rd owner. Purchased at 77k miles from a gentleman in Maryland who had bought the car from Carmax a year earlier.

Immediately upon purchase, performed cooling system overhaul (tank, pump, hoses, etc.), replaced brake pads/rotors, plugs, all filters, and dumped Redline Oil into the block, transmission, and diff. You know - all the stuff that nobody ever keeps records of.

A few months later, I overhauled the suspension system. Installed new control arms (ZHP), bushings (Front, Rear, top, bottom - everything I could reach, I replaced). Installed wagon specific Koni Yellows while I was at it. I searched for Wagon specific Sport-Pack springs for a while. Then decided to take a gamble, and purchased some low-mileage ZHP Coupe springs after researching model weight differences and spring rates. Handles perfectly - I've even tracked the car once at VIR.

My hope was to eventually install the rest of the Sport-Package, which would have been the front seats and the steering wheel. Came close to completing it a couple of times...but then I got sidetracked by getting married. The wagon has received no major upgrades since.

For the next 60k miles, I drove the car trouble free, regularly changing the oil every 5k miles (with Redline 5W30), and and other regular service like filters & gear oil. Maintenence includes:

-Every window regulator except the front passenger is new
-Replaced Blower Relay
-Installed Powerflex FCAB bushings when the front end started getting a little sloppy
-16" Premium wheels bought and installed right before this past winter, with still very fresh 245 Conti-ExtremeContact DWS tires. The type 44's looked great, but were pretty beat. The 16's helped make the car feel lighter, and I think give the car a classier look overall.
-Intake Boot replaced (hunting down a whistle - wasn't the cause, but was in there, so why not?)
-Alternator replaced (there's the whistle!)
-New Driver-side door mirror (cover fell off old one)
-Valve Cover gasket installed at 145k
-Spark Plugs (the good NGK ones) at 145k
-Oil Filter Housing Gasket at 145k

I'm sure I'm missing something - ask and I'll let you know if it's been done.











Now for the bad:

About 5k miles after the coolant service, the coolant light started coming on randomly. I bled the system a couple hundred times, changed the coolant level sensor a couple of times, and finally came to the conclusion that the generic expansion tank was the culprit. I bought a new tank, but never went to the hassle of changing just that. After a while, I learned to ignore the light, which still to this day does not indicate actual coolant levels, and still sporadically turns on/off. As such, car will be delivered with an expansion tank, sensor, and bottle of unopened BMW Coolant. The car needs another coolant service anyways, since it's been over 60k miles since the last one.

The car is losing about 1 qt of oil every 1k miles. This started about 5k miles ago, and has not gotten any better or worse. No smoke, and no giant puddles when parked (not a drop of oil in the 2 places the car parks at all!) No check-engine light, and no oil in the coolant and vice-versa. I changed the VCG (new plugs at this time), the Oil Filter Housing Gasket, and the Oil Level sensor (went through 2 of these) looking for a simple solution. My guess is it's the CCV system sucking oil, or Vanos seals. The car still runs great - aside from the hassle of adding oil.

One of the kidney grills is loose. I figure most folks in there right mind would swap all the silver trim to black anyways, so haven't really rushed to fix this.

Sizable scratch on the driver's seat. My dumb ass decided to sit down with a screwdriver in my pocket one day.

Asking $6000, but will consider all offers (no trades)

Note: This is full disclosure on the car. I easily could go and dump 20w50 into the block, sell it on Craigslist and call it a day. However, I think this car deserves a little better then that. As such, if I'm missing something, it's because I forgot about it.

trizzuth 09-21-2012 10:08 AM

damn man, gorgeous car, I have an 01 325iT as well, steel grey, but in automatic. Trade me?

wuzilla 09-21-2012 10:26 AM

Sorry - these cars only seem to drive right with a fun stick ;)

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