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braymond141 09-23-2012 07:26 PM

Full 2001 M3 Part Out - Some 2002 M3 Parts - Some 2005 M3 Parts - Some E46 3 Parts
I have shelves of stuff laying around from all the cars my family and I own. My cousin wrecked his 01 M3 and I have parted a good portion of it but still have a lot left. My 2002 M3 was sold a few months ago and I have left over parts from that. Bought a new 2005 M3 and already started replacing parts so the used stuff is up for sale. And lastly I have some random E46 3-Series parts from the 2002 325i I owned a few years ago.

Need this stuff gone. Will ship and will bundle for better deals. Please check back regularly. I will list more photos daily of what I have.

PM, Text, or Call.
All items are located in Oakhurst, Ca

I will add a description list and pricing later. In the mean time just ask me and I'll tell you.

-OEM 2002 M3 Coupe Clear Tails 50k miles - $60 Pair
-LSB w/Gloss Black Center Kidneys - $50 Pair
-Carbon Black non-headlight washer Lower Light Trim, 34k miles - $50 Pair
-Rear Map Lights - $15 Pair
-Trunk Switch - $5
-TCK Camber Plates - $350 Pair
-Jet Black headlight washer lower light trim w/o washer covers - $40 Pair
-M3 Door Sills (x2 Pairs) - $80 Pair
-Rear Black M3 Door Cards - $60 Pair
-Center Console + Armrest Grey - SOLD
-Navigation center switching console, GREAT condition but missing silver door bar - $50
-Rear Seat Belts - $15
-Side Dash Vents - $10 Pair
-Trunk CD-Changer Delete Bin - $5
-Lower Steering Column Cover - $5
-M3 Leather Hand Brake - $40
-Dome Light (x2) - $20 each
-Driver side door airbag - $30
-Mirror Module 61316913364 (x2) - $10 each
-C43 Nav Radio - $150
-HK Amp - $100
-Owners manuals + case - $30
-M3 Air Compressor Holder Foam - $10
-Under carpet floor vents - $5 Pair
-Front seat belt sliders/lower mounting - $5 Pair
-Rear Window Seals - $30 Pair
-Trunk Seal - $20
-Passenger Airbag - $40
-Driver Airbag Curtain - $30
-5-speed weighted leather shift knob (tall, non-lit) - $20
-Passenger under dash tray/footwell lighting - $10
-Light Control Module LCM - $40
-Driver Window switches - $25
-Passenger window switches - $25
-Leather Bra for M3 - $60
-Cowl tray (hvac filter tray) - $15
-Steering slip ring + stalks - $50
-Airbag Module - $30
-SOS Module non-bluetooth - $20
-Full OE Navigation harness - $75
-Rear speaker covers - $10 Pair
-Driver dash undertray w/lighting - $20
-OEM non-fluted fog light - $30
-OEM Ambers with chipped off corners, push-in style - $5 Pair
-Front Driver seat belt w/retractor - $30
-Front Passenger seat belt w/retractor - $30
-Battery Tray - $15
-Antenna Diversity Antenna - $30
-Antenna Filter (DUAL WT) - $20
-Side airbag sensor - $5
-Sunroof Switch - $10
-Fog light/headlight washer harness - $20
-Rear Window Motors for Coupe - $25 each
-Wiper Arms - $20
-Blitz iPod/Aux input for BMW - $60
-Front Intake air duct - SOLD
-6 Disc Changer - $50 Each
-AC Compressor - $100
-AC Soft Lines - $30
-AC Hard Lines - $50
-AC Dryer - $10
-Windshield Washer Tank - $40
-M3 Cluster 130k miles, works excellent - $200
-330i Airbox - $40
-PSS9 E46 M3 Progressive Springs - $50

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2645.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2649.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2652.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2653.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2656.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2657.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2660.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2661.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2662.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2666.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2670.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2672.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2673.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2674.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2675.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2693.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2694.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2695.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2696.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2697.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2698.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2699.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2700.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2701.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2702.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2703.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2704.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2705.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2706.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2707.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2708.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2709.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2710.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2711.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2712.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2713.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2714.JPG

braymond141 09-23-2012 07:27 PM

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2715.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2716.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2717.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2718.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0504.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0505.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0508.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0509.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0515.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0516.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0517.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0518.JPG

braymond141 09-23-2012 07:27 PM

Pictures of the 2001 M3 being parted out. This is what's left. Chassis is up for sale so I'm including a bunch of pictures. Have NO idea what is worth. Right rear tagged a curb, that's it.

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2238.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2239.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2240.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2241.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2242.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2243.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2244.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2245.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2246.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2247.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2248.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2249.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2251.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2252.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2253.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2254.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2256.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2257.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2258.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2259.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2261.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2262.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2263.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2264.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2266.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2267.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2268.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2269.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2270.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2273.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2274.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2275.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2276.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2277.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2278.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2279.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2280.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2282.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2283.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_2284.JPG

braymond141 09-23-2012 07:27 PM

Unibody is now 100% stripped of everything except the glass. $1200 for the body.

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0526.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0527.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0528.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0529.JPG

http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0530.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0531.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0532.JPG http://msportparts.com/forsale/s_IMG_0533.JPG


Phantoms69 09-23-2012 08:13 PM

How much for the center arm rest and counsel shipped to AZ 85614?

jm323Ci 09-23-2012 09:10 PM

Interested in your window switches, PM sent.

imapimp 09-23-2012 09:29 PM

do you have an s54 m3 engine

braymond141 09-23-2012 10:29 PM


Originally Posted by imapimp (Post 14756216)
do you have an s54 m3 engine

That already sold.

w0w 09-24-2012 12:36 AM

do you have the cigarette lighter socket you'd be willing to part with?

trj 09-24-2012 01:01 AM

The third and forth pic, whats the color of the inserts under the headlight (without headlight washers)?

Interested in the driver's side one(if you will part).
Shipped to 80210?

Also waiting for descriptions of the part than the obvious ones. I am sure I need more parts from a coupe but can't remember anything else right away.

Levim9 09-24-2012 01:01 AM

How much for the front M3 air intake vent shipped to 17810? Thanks

braymond141 09-24-2012 01:03 AM


Originally Posted by w0w (Post 14756597)
do you have the cigarette lighter socket you'd be willing to part with?

No sorry.

Grey Armrest, Center Console, Cupholders and Coin tray are sold.

braymond141 09-24-2012 01:09 AM


Originally Posted by trj (Post 14756633)
The third and forth pic, whats the color of the inserts under the headlight (without headlight washers)?


Without washers they are Carbon Black w/34k miles on them (Pair)
With washers slots but covers missing they are Jet Black w/130k miles on them (pair)

Carbon Black Pair - $60 Shipped
Jet Black Pair - $45 Shipped

Not splitting


Originally Posted by Black E46 sedan (Post 14756634)
How much for the front M3 air intake vent shipped to 17810? Thanks

$45 Shipped

saphblack 09-24-2012 03:30 AM

Do you have any shark fin from all these cars?

Sent from my SGH-T999 using Bimmer App

braymond141 09-24-2012 03:32 AM


Originally Posted by saphblack (Post 14756775)
Do you have any shark fin from all these cars?

Sent from my SGH-T999 using Bimmer App


BDUB328I 09-24-2012 06:30 AM

pm me a price on the plastic piece that holds the DSC switch center, also price on the white plastic piece that holds the m3 ecu (i dont need the whole box, just the peiece that actually touches the ecu) I also need the black plastic fuel line that runs from front to back of car next to the metal lines, i broke the connetors on mine...

Levim9 09-24-2012 11:44 PM


Originally Posted by Black E46 sedan (Post 14756634)
How much for the front M3 air intake vent shipped to 17810? Thanks


Originally Posted by braymond141 (Post 14756646)
$45 Shipped

Payment sent :thumbup:

///M Powerd 09-24-2012 11:56 PM

Do u have the driver side view mirror glass?

M3ANMACHINE 09-24-2012 11:59 PM

Damn, Brett! You guys really stripped that thing!
Nice work!

Bump for a legit seller!

GRK///M3 09-25-2012 02:16 AM

PM sent

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