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tim330i 09-24-2012 06:38 PM

Ouch - 696 BMW M5s and M6s Recalled for a Faulty Oil Pump
BMW recalls 696 2013 M5s and M6s

Reminiscent of the E46 M3 oil pump recall BMW has been forced to recall 696 2013 BMW M5s and M6s that were literally just delivered to customers. To make matters worse BMW doesn't have the replacement parts yet so brand new M5 and M6 owners are going to be forced to wait weeks, if not longer until they can drive their new cars.


Driving the car in the current condition can grenade the engine. A Bimmerfest.com member had their M5 blow up on them on the Autobahn while picking up the car through European Delivery. Read the full story about the S63tu engine recall at Bimmerfest.com

If I was a new M5 or M6 owner I would be extremely disappointed, would you?

phrozen06 09-24-2012 06:42 PM

Don't drive your 100k car just yet. LOL. But seriously this stuff is becoming more and more common with bmw. But look on the bright side, at least bimmers dont have fuel tank issues like the millions of Ford F-150's did at one time.

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