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kowalzekc 09-25-2012 11:43 PM

Water pump and thermostat.....done
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So the other day I am driving from one job to another and I am taking a clover leaf in "spirited" fashion (sew me I drive my freaking BMW the way it was meant). When I got about half way thru the turn i suddenly felt my power steering go out....not good. So then I stop at a stop light and to my surprise I see smoke coming from under the hood.....really not good. By now I am thinking "oh :censor: :banghead: this really isn't good. I quickly stop at the service station pop the hood expecting flames, thankfully it was just steam. I grabbed my flashlight noticed I threw a belt and my fan was sitting really effing crooked. I was relieved to realize that it was just the water pump that had gone and nothing more. I went to BMW and got the parts I needed. My thermostat failed this winter, I figured this was the perfect time.

Diving right in the first hard part was getting the fan off since I no longer had belt tension to help. I tried renting a fan clutch tool but that didn't work. So a little engineering took place. Got the fan off after a half hour of figuring. The next hard part was pulling the old water pump out. The seal was still really tight but lucky me, BMW designed it with two threaded holes to push against the block. I was both relieved and confused to see that my impeller was metal, not plastic. *pic below*

The install started with possible catastrophe. There are four threaded studs that hold the water pump in place and have a torque of 25 NM or about 18 ft pounds. I set my torque wrench and immediately broke one of the studs:ben:. Lucky it broke at where I could retrieve it and just use a bolt. After that, it was a breeze. I followed these two guides:


My other big issue was my fan being damaged upon the water pump bearings failure. The price to replace the fan and clutch was between $200-$400 depending on where I purchased. But then again it really pays to have BMW enthusiasts for neighbors. I told them about my problem and they handed me a nice fan and clutch assembly from a late 80s 2.5L from an E30. Only cost me 1 beer and a plate of cookies.

Now I have test drove and no overheating and so far no leaking. This is a fairly easy job that I feel anyone could do.

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