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BeeziesBimmer 09-28-2012 04:35 PM

Electrical problems with JL setup
I have an '01 330ci that just turned 150k; i just put my amp/sub setup in two weeks ago. It's a JL 1000.1 v2 amp and a 13.5" W7 - of course i got the usual but slight light dimming after hooking it up but last saturday on my way home at 2am i hit a huge bassline and both my low beam headlights blew at the same time. I was worried but made it home with my brights on. I replaced the low beams, it was the bulbs and not a deeper electrical issue. Anybody else experienced this? should i upgrade my alternator? or possibly invest in a 5 farad cap say by alumapro? Sorry if repost, i searched for a bit before i let this fly. Any help greatly appreciated as i've taken the setup out for now and having no bass sucks....

benzovs 09-28-2012 05:08 PM

At the very least go with a second battery with an isolator relay. A stiffening capacitor will help some, but it won't address the underlying issue. And you don't need 5 farads for the 1000.1. Your best bet would be to upgrade the alternator and add a second battery as well. I've been doing car audio proffesionally for over 15 years now and I must say I've never heard of someone blowing both of their low beams during a current surge. Stranger things have happened. :hmm:

BeeziesBimmer 09-29-2012 09:17 AM

haha, yeah i've had systems in every car i've owned since i was 16 - never had anything like this happen though thats why it threw me for a loop! Thanks for the suggestions, i'll get to work on trying to fix the issue.

a.rados@shaw.ca 09-29-2012 02:31 PM

I have a similar setup like you in terms of power output in my 01 330ci. I have a 2 alpine type r swr-1241d 12 inch with a mrv-1507 amp. I still run on a stock battery with a 1 farand cap and ive never had problems. I also have a mrv-f307 for my spx-177a component speakers. Getting a new battery would probably be a good idea for you and a 1-2 farand cap up to you so you have constant power supply.

benzovs 09-29-2012 07:41 PM

I've always loved the r-type subs. Did you say mrv- 1507? I loved that amp. I haven't seen that amp since 01-02. How old is your amp?

a.rados@shaw.ca 09-30-2012 02:50 AM

Mine is from 2002 and yes its the mrv-1507 i love it

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