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cocolo9uno 10-03-2012 07:05 PM

2003 325xi Stereo dead/ electrical problems
I bought my 325xi a couple of weeks ago knowing that the stereo didnt turn on. BMW told the dealer that they didnt know what the problem was and to take it to a stereo specialist to see if it could be repaired or if it had to be replaced. I took it to a well known car audio chain here in Charlotte called Freemans Car Stereo and they looked at it and said it was missing a fuse in the first place but when they put one in it still didnt turn on so i would need a new stereo but they went ahead and left the fuse in it. So i said id be back probably later in the week.

After about 10 min of driving home i noticed my turn signals, dash lights, and sunroof stopped working. And also the "warning beep" when u open the door wont stop until about 30 seconds after u close the door. Basically electrical problems. I took it back and told them what happened and they said thers no reason why that fuse should affect the other electrical in the car like that but that theyll go ahead and remove the fuse. They did and evrything went back to normal. Apparently i have a HUGE and EXPENSIVE electrical problem according to them....
Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be or has anyone experienced anything similar??? :banghead:

94583 10-06-2012 11:28 PM

Do you have any aftermarket ipod/aux adapters installed? Sounds like your K-bus is down. If you dont have any aftermarket equipment you'll need to diagnose the K-bus.

Goo luck!

tomoyer 10-07-2012 06:28 AM

Has the re-call on the tail lights been done? If so, if it was done incorrectly, a voltage spike could have gone to the General Module. The General Module runs things like the stereo, dash lights, etc. I had the tail light re-call preformed at my local BMW Dealership, and had electrical problems right after it was done. WHen the re-call Ground wires were hooked up, the Tech shot positive voltage up thru the system and it shorted out about half of the General Module (all because he was too lazy on a Friday afternoon to remove the battery ground before doing the re-call). Some of the features that didn't work after the re-call; interior trunk lights, footwell entry lights, all 4 map reading lights, door open chime (these all worked correctly prior to re-call being performed). Diagnostics indicated a partly shorted out General Module. The General Module was a $400 part, less than an hour to install, but then the car and all keys had to be re-programmed, thus turning into a $900 bill. I paid the bill but thru several talks with BMWNA, I finally got to speak with the field service tech/advisor and he responded that I had a very valid point about disconnecting the battery ground prior to doing the re-call and we agreed on settling by dividing the cost of parts and labor in half.
Your BMW Dealer should be able to trace out the problem with computer diagnostics in an hours time (about $90), tell you if its indeed a K Buss or General Module problem. If you bought the car from a used car dealer and it had a warranty on it, have them pay the BMW Dealer for the diagnostic time as they should have had the problem corrected before you bought the car (unless you bought it AS IS with no warranty). If you bought the car from a BMW Dealer, it should have be fixed before you picked it up if they truly value your business and hope to have you return for routine services.
On a side note, did the stereo shop check ALL the fuses? Several electrical systems in these cars use 2 fuses within the fuse black for protection, shared fuses with other systems. In the fuse block door, there should be a card that lists all the fuses and what system they are related to besides the amperage of each fuse. Easy for you to check and see if you have any other bad fuses, use the audible sounder on a DMM to check for an open/burnt fuse, black test lead on one side of the fuse and the red lead on the other side of the fuse, sound, the fuse is good, no sound the fuse is open.

cocolo9uno 10-08-2012 04:28 PM

Thanks Guys. Yea Basically im pretty sure its the k-bus from all the comments and research ive done on it but i did purchase a stereo and they rewired it to use the ignition as a power source so i now have sound and the other electrical components are still working so getting the k-bus looked at is def a future thing for me but just dont have the money right now to get into a big repair bill since i dont really know what all is wrong in there and i NEEDED sound so for now its good.

redbull 325is 10-08-2012 06:18 PM

try eurowise

cocolo9uno 10-09-2012 07:55 PM

yup. def going to them for everything. heard they're expensive tho

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