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cak323i 10-04-2012 07:14 PM

Imola ZHP Progress Thread
I was first introduced to my ZHP in February 2011 when the previous owner, a BMW mechanic where I used to service my ///M, asked me to update his Navi firmware to v.32. Fast forward a few months and I now have a new ZHP project. :) Feel free to provide feedback and comments on my project thread :thumbsup:

My ZHP at time of purchase:

2003 BMW 330i ZHP
6-Speed Manual Transmission
Imola Red with Alcantara Interior
ZKW Bi-Xenon Headlights
LCM s/w ver 3.56
Alcantara Steering Wheel
Alcantara interior
BMW Performance Shift Knob vice ZHP shift knob
Silver Cube Trim - original worn pieces
BMW Factory 6-disc CD changer
Rear subframe reinforced
35% window tint
Navi Firmware s/w vers. 4-1/01
105,952 miles

And in dire need of a good detail, pin stripe delete, and TLC :)
Previous owner was kind enough to leave dents in the front driver's fender and driver's door. :facepalm:


One of the selling points that put me over the edge with my ZHP is that the previous owner had the rear subframe reinforcement done as a preventive maintenance measure. There were no tears on the rear subframe to begin with, which made me feel good. At the time....he seemed honest and up front with all issues that the car had, not that there were many major issues to worry about...

A few drawbacks to my ZHP was that there were no maintenance history (paperwork or receipts) which I have corrected from the point when I purchased this car, and that the previous owner (the BMW Tech) couldn't tell me anything about any maintenance that he did other than the rear subframe reinforcement, so with every maintenance and mods that I do to this car, I am retaining all my receipts and documenting all maintenance through the use of an excel spreadsheet that I have made.

Car as it currently sits since I purchased it in May 2011:

- Coby alcantara wheel rewrap (black alcantara w/ red stitching)
- UUC TSE3 Corsa exhaust
- New ZKW headlight lens with laminate cover
- Eagle Eye LED smoked Tail Lights from JLevi SW
- Clear smoked corners
- Clear side markers
- Gominigo tow hook front license plate holder
- ZKW Bi-Xenon (w/ retrofitted OEM AL M3 Bi-Xenon projector assemblies) Headlights
- OEM BMW Performance Cross-Drilled Rotors @ 114,300 miles
- OEM BMW Performance BBK @ 114,300 miles
- OEM BMW Performance CF Strut Bar @ 118,700 miles
- OEM BMW Performance Grills
- OEM BMW ///M3 side mirror retrofit to sedan @ 120,824 miles
- OEM BMW Bluetooth retrofit
- OEM BMW Factory alarm retrofit
- OEM BMW Compass/Homelink (flush clown-nose) Mirror retrofit
- OEM BMW Aux Input retrofit
- OEM BMW Sharkfin retrofit
- OEM BMW ///M3 arm rest with black Nappa Leather
- OEM BMW Style 135's w/ Michelin Pilot Super Sports (225/255)
- OEM BMW lit ZHP shift knob (deadlysyns retrofit)
- OEM BMW LCM s/w vers 4.0 recoded and installed; one touch-triple blink enabled @ 125,887 miles
- OEM BMW Silver Cube Trim brand new - for a total cost of $725.53 yeah, I'm crazy enough to do this
- OEM BMW Performance SSK @ 128,063 miles
- OEM BMW Euro LCM Faceplate swap w/ current installed LCM
- OEM BMW First Aid Kit retrofit
- MTec II carbon fiber rear diffuser - seasonal use only
- OWM BMW M3 - Style 67M Double Spoke (225 square) - Winter set
- SIRIUS Satellite Starmate 4 Radio integration
- Afe Stage 2 CAI
- Shark Injector
- 6000k D2S lighting
- HID fog retrofit w/ 6000k 9006 bulbs
- New FCABs
- UUC SS brake lines @ 114,300 miles
- Pinstripe delete.:D
- Beltronics Sti Driver Radar Detector hardwire
- LED rear license plate lights
- LED 6000k Angel Eyes w/ remote
- Blacked out "glossy"rear badge
- Monochromed roundels (Black/Frozen Grey) and ///M badges
- Carbon Fiber Arqray front lip spoiler
- Navi Firmware s/w vers. 4-1/02
- New DISA @ 116,518 miles
- New upper and lower intake boots @116,518 miles
- ///M oil cap
- ///M-deadpedal
- ///M aluminum pedals
- Dynoc Vinyl CF style wrap on steering wheel trim @ 125,350 miles
- White LED sidemarkers
- Water Pump thread Cap
- Turner Motorsports 10mm Front & 12mm Rear Spacers
- Carbon Fiber engine covers
- DICE Silverline Duo iPod integration (6-disc CD changer deleted)
- Sprint Booster w/ Sport Button mod
- MTec II Carbon Fiber rear diffuser (summer use only)
- aFe Intake scoop painted Imola Red

136,255 miles

Future upgrades/mods/maintenance:
- BC Racing "BR-series" Coilovers (going to do this in March/April 2013)
- CDV Delete at my next oil change
- AutoCarbon carbon fiber M3 side mirror housings (possible)
- Front Driver's side fender and door replacement (removing dents/damage to the OE panels from previous owners :facepalm:)

By the way....did I mention that I hate these damn pinstripes? What was the original owner thinking when she had them "painted" on?????? They have to go....:facepalm::facepalm::facepalm:


Pic below is after paint correction detail...:thumbsup:

Anyway, this is the progression that my ZHP has gone through since I purchased it in May. There's more in store :)

Mileage driven in the first year of ownership: 19,935 :thumbsup:

Maintenance performed: since purchasing this beauty...
- BMW Performance cross-drilled rotors (front and back) @ 114,300 miles
- BMW Performance BBKs @ 114,300 miles
- new upper and lower intake boots @116,518 miles
- new DISA @ 116,518 miles
- BMW Performance CF Strut bar @ 118,700 miles
- cooling system refresh (done!) @ 120,500 miles
- new ignition coils, VCG, and plugs (done!) @ 121,500 miles
- VANOS seals replacement and anti-rattle kit installed (done!) @ 121,500 miles
- INSP II performed @ 125,000 miles
- updated LCM module w/ s/w v4.0 recoded and installed @ 125,887 miles (one touch-triple blink enabled)
- OFHG replaced @ 126,250 miles
- BMW Performace SSK @ 128,063 miles
- new Voltage Regulator @ 131,060 miles
- new NAPA battery @ 132,115 miles
- new fuel pump @ 135,230 miles
- new O2 sensors (all 4 of them) @ 135,230 miles

Outstanding Preventive Maintenance Actions to complete:
- RTAB refresh
- new tranny oil
- new diff oil
- check control arms
- new GUIBO and center line bearing
- new rear wheel bearings
- CDV delete

cak323i 10-04-2012 07:14 PM

Retrofitted BMW Performance rotors and BBKs


Retrofitted OEM ///M3 side mirrors, Carbon Fiber Arqray Lip front spoiler, & BMW Performance grills


BMW Performance Carbon Fiber Strut Brace

BMW Performance SSK - not pictured, sorry...

OEM ///M3 Oval rear view mirror retrofit w/ Beltronics STi Driver Radar detector - @ present

Shifting over to the Homelink/Compass auto dim mirror for my ZHP

Lit ZHP Shift knob - not pictured, sorry....

Replaced interior - worn Silver Cube trim with brand new parts

Burned ZKW projector bowls replaced with OEM ///M3 "AL" projector bowls - retained the ZKW lens (again not pictured)

OEM ULF (6th gen) Bluetooth retrofit

Thanks Steve for your help on this one! :thumbsup:

Blacked out badges - much better view of my carbon fiber Arqray lip spoiler :thumbsup:

Monochrome Roundels and ///M badges

Got these carbon fiber engine covers from a forum member at ZHP Mafia today :)

Lower Steering wheel trim CF rewrap

Some of these pieces have slight cracking and will require work to refinish but then that's what a winter project is all about! Should look awesome when finished and installed in the engine bay! :thumbsup:

Just installed my Sprint Booster w/ Sport Button mod. This has to be one of my favorite mods to date! :thumbsup:

chris b. 10-04-2012 07:20 PM


Alex323Ci 10-04-2012 07:25 PM

About time you posted this beauty :drool:

cak323i 10-04-2012 07:43 PM


Originally Posted by Alex323Ci (Post 14789013)
About time you posted this beauty :drool:

Thanks for prodding Alex! I'll get my ///M project thread up sometime....still working on it ;)

I was in Cali twice this year....next time I'll give you a shout! :)

@ Chris - thanks!

Gheybe 10-04-2012 07:48 PM

So cleannnnnnn. Not a fun in general of smoked/tinted lights, but it fits your theme!

Nice job man.

rguti153 10-04-2012 07:54 PM

Want m3 mirrors to .. Need instructions to do the retro , love Thr brakes
Sent from my DROID RAZR using Bimmer App

cak323i 10-04-2012 08:19 PM

Thanks Gheybe! Yeah I'm not a big fan of dark smoked lights/tint but love what I have... seems 35% is just right for window tint and the smoked corners help wrap things up on my Imola :thumbsup:

@ rguti153 - thanks! Retrofitting OEM ///M3 side mirrors onto sedan is a lot of work but in the end it was worth it to me :) You have to mod the mirror base plates first (Rogue Engineering's M3 mirror retrofit DIY) and then there's another DIY here on this forum to mount the ///M3 side mirrors onto sedan. Don't have the link but you should be able to locate it by searching for it :thumbsup:

330xIce 10-04-2012 09:05 PM

Imola ZHP's are so nice :thumbup:

Dskinn91 10-04-2012 09:27 PM

Awesome job!!!

SouthernTau 10-04-2012 10:24 PM

Amazing man!! Looks so clean!! Love it!

illestminimike 10-04-2012 11:14 PM

Very nice!

HyeWarrior 10-04-2012 11:32 PM


If I had unlimited income for my 325i, I would love to do what you've done to your ZHP... Love it

cak323i 10-05-2012 03:54 AM

Thanks everyone for all your positive comments :thumbsup:

There's more I want to do for my ZHP and it will take time to get it done :)

jhaurimn 10-05-2012 11:30 AM

Nice zhp! Gotta love imola red...

cak323i 10-06-2012 02:23 PM


Originally Posted by jhaurimn (Post 14790491)
Nice zhp! Gotta love imola red...

Yeah....there's nothing like a freshly polished and detailed Imola...:drool: The color is so rich and deep :)

Thanks! :thumbsup:

mbadger 10-19-2012 09:18 AM

Beautiful ride, inspired me to pursue the side mirror conversion and consider the mtech II rear bumper...hmmm

THECLEANERBEAMER 10-19-2012 01:14 PM

Love your car man!! It's BEAUTIFUL :drool:

PH03NIX46 10-24-2012 12:11 PM

Good example of a well-modded, brought back to life ZHP.

Very cool.

cak323i 10-25-2012 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by PH03NIX46 (Post 14842914)
Good example of a well-modded, brought back to life ZHP.

Very cool.

Thanks man! You have no idea....a BMW Tech was the previous owner of this ZHP and when he sold it to me couldn't tell me everything he did to the car other than doing the rear subframe reinforcement. No maintenance records or receipts at all.:facepalm: I have spent the past year of ownership sorting everything out and now have a bad voltage regulator that does not come up for this car when ordering it using the car's VIN.

Long story short....after doing some research found out that the alternator is a Z4 alternator (D-shaped connector vice rectangle)...so I ordered the proper VR for a Z4 alternator. Got the part so everything will be sorted soon...

Anyway, I will have all of the issues sorted on this ZHP eventually and it will be brought back from the neglect that it has been subjected to...:thumbsup:

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