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TonyJ 10-04-2012 07:51 PM

Key remote does not work
I usually rotate the 2 keys every few months. They never have any problems even after serveral month of inactivity so I can assume their batteries can last at least that long. This time, after 3 days of not using the car, my current key's remote no longer works (it can still physically unlock and start the car). I have been driving with the non-working key for serveral days hoping to get it recharged, but it still not working. My other key works well.

Do I have a sudden dead battery or the key just lost sync? I know the procedure to reprogram the key, however it requires to do it in the order of key1, key2, etc. I don't know which key is key1. If my non-working key is key1 and it indeed has a dead battery, would it render my working key not working? I just don't want to risk the working key.

Appreciate your suggestions.

Shonky 10-06-2012 07:51 PM

Physically unlocking and starting the car have nothing to do with the battery or the remote section of the key.

Doesn't matter which order you resync to my knowledge and even if it did, just re-sync in the opposite order. You can't hurt your other key.

The batteries do die, but I would expect it to be a slow death rather than an instant one.

TonyJ 10-07-2012 01:15 AM

That's a great relief, and I did the reprogramming now both keys are working. I just scratch my head why my current key stopped working just after 3 days of not driving. It can only be a) a sudden battery death but now it is recharged. b) somehow this key lost sync.

The only other explanation would be this key has gone through airport x-ray. Could the x-ray wipe out the chip memory? That reason is very remote.

Shonky 10-07-2012 01:19 AM

X-ray, no, otherwise all sorts of things would be getting broken - phones, laptops etc

Could be the battery is on its last legs. See how it goes.

Crespo5190 10-17-2012 09:57 AM

How do you resync the key? My key stopped working out of nowhere. I was sitting on my key and when I went back out to my car it just didn't work.

Shonky 10-17-2012 10:00 AM


First hit


Crespo5190 10-17-2012 05:04 PM

Wooohoo!! Thanks. Now my key works fine ;)

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