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AndrewBigA 10-15-2012 09:42 PM

1981 DeLorean Preview: The Perfect Handjob. Regraining Stainless Steel by Hand
i call this the perfect handjob! its for someone with alot of experience in auto body & paint prep work. im sanding bare stainless steel by hand & i did it all dry. dry cuts better, faster & deeper. its a dirty job for sure!

before any exterior work started the interior got a full cleaning & leather treatment. i also did a light engine clean with some towels & light cleaners, no hose was sprayed back there.

i washed the DeLorean with car soap then dried with a leaf blower & microfiber towels. i used WD-40 to prep the stainless steel. i also went over the door moldings with WD-40. i wetsanded & polished the front bumper & then polished the rear bumper + applied 2 coats of wax to them. i wanted to get the bumper work out of the way!

rubber seals, door moldings, black fiberglass engine compartment cover & a few other black trim pieces + bumper covers (which are the only painted parts on the car) were taped & covered with plastic. i needed to keep those things protected. sanding wet with with just water or with soapy water wouldve messed up my prep work & wouldve made it hard to see the grains.
the blending pad & the liquid polish that follows contains materials that can damage those parts. the work needs to be done dry. the surface got a little chalky but i could still see the grains as i im working.




i finished her on sat afternoon & got started right away on a 2012 Lotus Evora S. the Lotus didnt have many swirls but my customer wanted to make it look flawless & wet for sunday to show off to his friends in his car club.

both cars were on the floor here: http://manhasset-concours.com/

sun @ 8:30 am i met up with Ronnie & Matt at the garage so he could get his Lotus. once we got to the Americana i gave the Lotus a wipedown with some spray wax & i let Ronnie do his thing with his camera! photo shoot on the floor!

then i sent a text to Harry & met up with him by his DeLorean. it was fun! i saw a small crowd started to form in front of the car as i was giving it another wipedown. i went over the DeLorean for the second time with 3M Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. the first time was back at the garage on fri afternoon. i sprayed it on brand new microfiber towels till it foamed, working one section at a time in slow, long even strokes. this stuff turns the the towel a lil black.

i wanted to see if i could pick up any more black on some new microfiber towels. if anything else comes up that means im cleaning the surface a bit more which would increase the shine of this beauty. you have to see her in person after the detail to see what im talking about.

so i went over it 2 more times with dry microfiber towels & it looked amazing!
every time i would wipe it down it would glow a little more. i told Harry you gotta do this twice, stand back, have a beer & call it a day! too bad i couldnt have one right there!

ronnie followed with a photo shoot of the Delorean as one of the judges looked over the car!

goodbye for now!


TOMMY G 10-16-2012 04:14 PM

John (Delorean) would be proud kid....Thats pretty wild. The technology of that car was way "Back to the Future"

Nice work Andrew

AndrewBigA 10-17-2012 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by TOMMY G (Post 14819924)
John (Delorean) would be proud kid....Thats pretty wild. The technology of that car was way "Back to the Future"

Nice work Andrew

thanks tommy! im getting the itch to seek out other DeLoreans for this type of work. i like this stuff & i know not many are even willing to take on this type of job. id love to line up half a dozen & do them one at a time, back to back till my little arms fall off! oh the black boogers i had that night, reminded me of when i was in the bodyshop. :excited:

AndrewBigA 10-17-2012 03:14 PM

something to think about...

i poured some DeLorean polish into my hand...


AndrewBigA 10-22-2012 03:01 PM

I finished polishing the Lotus Evora S around 11:30pm on sat. She spent the night with me & was picked up around 8:30am on sun. After a short run on the highway from the garage to the show I went over her one last time with some Mothers california gold spray wax. I never leave my lucky yellow paintbrush behind or my lucky camo hat!


I finished this beauty on sat afternoon. She spent the night with her owner. As Ronnie was taking some more pics of the Lotus I sent a text to Harry to see where the DeLorean was...& there he is admiring his ride as I give it a second pass with 3M stainless steel cleaner & polish. I did this at the garage on sat but she needed to be fresh for all to see!


thats all for now. ill post the full writeup as soon as its done.


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