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GT172I 10-24-2012 09:26 AM

2 Laps from my HPDE @ AMP

All said it was a lot of fun and definitely made me fall back in love with the car again. To be honest, I'd test driven a gorgeous 2010 335i 6MT M-sport two weeks prior and was considering an upgrade but not anymore. I'm ready to go again. :4ngie: This is my 4th HPDE day and second day at Atlanta Motorsports Park.

I was a lot better with braking and had a ton less fade than my last experience at Road Atlanta (I boiled ATE SuperBlue...). The noticeable improvement is satisfying :woot:

GrayGhost 10-24-2012 09:04 PM

I've been wanting to get up to AMP but haven't made it yet. Some day...
I do have to say though that it is unlikely you boiled Superblue at RA unless you were riding the brakes or something such. I've spent about 50 days at RA and have not had any sign of boiling the fluid since switching to ATE. Just remember, on the brakes hard, then get off... no soft braking.

GT172I 10-25-2012 08:37 AM

It's a lot of fun, I think I liked it more than RA actually but again my experience is somewhat limited. Definitely a slower more technical front half and no big straight to relax.

Oh I know I did, I flushed the fluid both days so I know it wasn't that. The guy in the paddock next to me infrared thermometer'd my rotors at 500*F once back in the paddock after the cool down lap once parked. The last half of the last two sessions of the day I was having to pump once going in to build pressure and then once again to actually brake (per my instructors advice). I know it was my technique especially being my first time out on track I was braking way early then riding them up to the turn to get the speed right (or closer). This didn't give them enough time to cool down between turns and just kept building heat. Like you said, soft braking :thumbdwn:

I was a lot more confident this time and got much better about easing into them (quickly) to max then easing off (quickly). Basically smooth application but of the full force and that made a significant difference for this HPDE. It was especially noticable when caught behind a slower car before getting the point-by that I'd have to brake earlier at their braking point (so I didn't run into them) then modulate it well below the max which again built up heat quickly and noticed fade getting worse.

Any other advice/feedback to offer for a new track nut? I was having a little trouble getting proper heel-toe/rev-match under the full force braking sections but practice is improving that.

valsbm3 10-26-2012 06:36 AM

Nice. I would invest in real driving gloves. Those mechanix gloves will do you no good.

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