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Passnu2 11-04-2012 11:23 AM

NTB - Geneva IL (close to Randall Rd & Fayban Pkwy)
Wanted to share for others that are local enough. Took the Beater in for an alignment as the mother in laws car broke down this past week and left her with out a car. Had a caliper lock up so replaced that and went a head and did brakes and rotors at the same time. All went well with my DIY projects.

Took the car on Friday to have an alignment since I had put new tires on the car close to a month ago and hadn't checked since I purchased it. Well all was off so glad I took the time to stop over. Everyone was pretty cool. It wasn't as busy when I went back so I hung in the back with the MGR and guys. Also was interested in looking under the car to get a better visual of under neath the car.

Well late Friday drove an hour to drop off the car at the mother in laws to only drive an hour back and have my 4 year old son think it was cool to see "blue" fluid all over the garage floor. Wasn't able to trace any signs of leakage from the front and coolant was low but there was still coolant in the expansion tank. So not much I could do so I left and just felt like something wasn't right. So I got up a 4 am to go pick up my mother in law, surprise visit, to drive her to work. Old school, off the boat, older firm in her ways mother in law would have told me to not come and be stubborn about it. Well I had to get the car towed, NTB had it picked up for me, and see what was going on. I told the mgr the entire coolant system was new as of a few months with no issues so they must have hit or done something. At least that made the most sense....Well turns out the rear heater hose, a lovely BMW plastic part, took a crap. So I had to pay for the tow since it wasn't their fault and being under a time constraint to get her the car back I dished out the money and let them fix it. It was going to be a pain in the rear for me to access with out a lift.

After the dishwasher taking a dump and leaking water all over the kitchen I was done for the day and last thing I wanted was to pay to fix this car or even deal with it. The Manager, Chris Gibson, offered to take a lot of stuff apart to source the issues for FREE!!! He said listen I know you work on your cars and I know BMW's rather well. He said I will find out what is wrong and needs to be fixed and you decide if you want to do it yourself or we can do it. He said he would do his best to push it as inexpensive as possible.

At the end of the day I was very impressed with how they handled everything. I also watched Chris help out two younger ladies that had just recently paid a friend to install new brakes. Having brakes squeaking and a few other things the young kid at the counter was telling them they would need all new brakes and rotors before looking at it. Chris said look if you just installed all these new parts there is a good chance they are all fine and maybe your friend forgot something that may only cost $30 in labor to fix. Not too often do you see a stand up person, especially when its a female customer, that is all about taking care of the customer rather then making $$$$.

So anyone looking for tires, work on their car, alignment, ect, I highly suggest Chris and his crew over at NTB in Geneva. NTB is now offering FREE tire installation so currently, if you use them to mount and balance, they end up being less then even Discount Tire.

M3Jr1710 11-13-2012 09:24 AM

i live right by here...thanks for the comments and may have to try them out sometime.

Passnu2 11-13-2012 11:57 AM

Your welcome!

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