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kungfubrewer 11-06-2012 02:00 PM

Issue with locks on 330 Ci/Or I just don't know my car that well!
Hi all! This is actually my first post ever; I have been a lurker for the last few months, as I searched for a used BMW to ride around in. Finally I found one, and will soon post pictures- a sweet 2001 330 Ci Convertible:woot: So I have been having the time of my life just riding back and forth from the foothills to the bay, taking the long route just to enjoy the ride with the top down... I noticed an issue with my locks yesterday, and will explain below.

I got into my car to drive to san francisco and all my locks were working fine. I got out of my car once i arrived in the bay and proceeded to press my key button to lock my car, and it would not lock. I own a bently manual, so i looked into it and re-initialized my key. As i was sitting in my car, I pressed the lock and unlock buttons, and they worked... So then I got out of my car and tried to lock it using my key button, and it didn't work...:facepalm: Eventually I just locked her up manually and went on with my day... Later at night, I left the bay and came back to the foothills... I stopped to get some gas, and presto... the key button locked my car.

Also, at this point in time the trunk will not open with out manually unlocking it...

Further note - One week ago, I washed my car, and it seemed like the lock didn't want to unlock when I pressed the key button, I had to press it a few times to make it work. Any help is appreciated. :)

jfoj 11-06-2012 02:55 PM

Could be a lot of problems.

#1 if you only have 1 partially working keyfob, you NEED to buy a new keyfob from the dealer, $160 is a good price, if they quote you higher, shop it around.

#2 you cannot open the trunk manually unless both doors are unlocked/the car is fully unlocked.

#3 the vert distance for the keyfobs is very short, hold the tip of the key to your chin and you can double the key distance when you lock or unlock the car.

#4 visit www.bmwgm5.com for a lesson in all things central locking.

#5 suggest you read your owners manual fully regarding locking system. Some trunks the key can turn close to 180 degrees and be put into a valet mode. You need to understand this and see if your car supports this.

#6 many verts have an electrical lock for the glovebox and the key has 3 positions. You can lock the glovebox and force the car into valet mode.

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