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dpark 11-10-2012 11:14 PM

Very odd taillight problem on 330i
Did a search and while the problem may be the wiring harness, I just wanted to post a question to see if anyone else has seen this problem.

The left trunk taillights (reverse light and running light) that are mounted on the trunk itself as opposed to the ones in the rear quarter panel.

I thought the bulbs were burnt out but when I pulled the cover panel and checked out the bulbs they weren't burnt out. In fact, they were on but burning VERY dimly. When engaging into reverse, the right reverse light goes on and the left reverse light goes out completely. When I take the gear out of reverse the lights on the left side turn on again (very dimly).

Before I get into the wiring harness, I wanted to see if anyone had seen this. Fuse 27 is fine and since both left trunk lights turn on (albeit very dimly) I am perplexed as to what the problem could be. I am tempted to reverse the left and right taillight assemblies to see if the problem is with the assembly instead of the wiring.

Also the burnt light indicator in the dashboard is not on.

Any thoughts?


dpark 11-12-2012 01:09 AM

Well, I have pretty much confirmed that the problem is in the wiring. Swapped the taillight assemblies and when I plugged the left taillight assembly in the the rightside plugs, everything worked fine. I did a very cursory check of the wiring and could not find an obvious problem. I heard that the grommet that goes from the trunklid to the body is a potential failure point, so will look at that next, but what is still very odd to me is that the lights in the left taillights are on, albeit very dim. If the wiring did fail, I would not expect the bulbs to light up at all.

cityjohn 11-12-2012 01:36 AM

Lots of grounding problems with these lights. Some models even have a recall on them.

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