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ryleeh 11-13-2012 12:19 AM

Titanium Lug studs/nuts and lug bolts
Hi Guys, I've got a couple more sets of 75mm Lug Studs/nuts I had produced a few times now over the years. these are 75mm total length, and fit just about any BMW ever made, as well as Mini and Lotus.

These lug studs/nuts, in comparison to steel, will shed about 1/2 lb off each corner of usprung weight and rotating mass, seems small, but you can feel it, especially on WOT.

I'd sell a set of 20 lug studs, and 20 nuts for $250 + $8 shipping.

The lug bolts are equal to stock, except all told 20 of these are 18oz lighter than 20 stock lug bolts, and these are affordable at $80 a set, + $8 to ship. I've got a few more sets of these as well..Let me know guys if you have any more questions, you can just PM me, or send $ to paypal address and I can get these out the next day...



Eurobahn BMW 11-13-2012 12:30 AM

we trust you because?

ryleeh 11-13-2012 08:59 AM

I Care about all BMW 's. I have 3. one is a 2001 330i i bought new, it now
has 170k on it. I have an E28, with 220k on it. Building a race motor for that one using a euro M90 block and 1993 euro M5 90mm crank and rods to make bored/stroked 3.8 liter. My daily driver is a 1986 325e, with 237k on it, abd doesnt leak a drop of oil... I've been active on the mye28 forum for some time now...I run my studs and lug bolts on all my cars for years now, and have about 50 happy customers over the years so far. I'm here to help you make your car better...

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