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willsbma 11-21-2012 05:04 PM

Did a bunch of stuff to the ride, still a ways to go
So In the last 3-4 weeks I've had a new found hope for my car. I'm a very "gadgety" type of guy and I realized I need to make my car my new hobby for the long haul if I ever want her back to turning heads. Obviously the mechanics come first because she is my daily driver but after that it's gonna be balls to the wall looks, exterior first and then interior. I figure it this way, why buy a new car and have a payment every month when I can spend a few grand and keep her tip top and looking awesome.

All replaced:
Rear shocks -(WOW)
pass side coil spring (holy sh$t, what a difference)
front and rear brake pads
Driver side front wheel bearing/hub (no more grinding noise)
water pump (no more overheating)
radiator (no more leaking coolant)
t-stat (heat works great now)
tensioner pulley (quieter idle)
much needed oil change (20k I think...)
a rear tire that was bald
brake pad wear sensor light off (annoying light that bothered me for a few years)
fixed my obc stalk (after 7 years all I had to do was solder two small wires)
outside temp sensor (no more -40!)

Still need control arms. I found this kit: http://www.fcpeuro.com/products/bmw-...e-e46-e46cakit probably gonna grab it when I get paid next thursday.

After that, I think the front bumper support will be next (it's a little bent so the headlight moulding won't fit under it)

The big one is gonna be the tranny. I found one for $500 and a friend is gonna install it or a few hundo (I miss second gear dearly and my mpg is suffering terribly)

I figure a new clutch and short throw shifter while it's out too right?

Ok, I'm done now, just so damn proud I had to let it out!


choxor 11-21-2012 05:35 PM

Sounds like it was neglected for quite a while.

But grats on the work.

willsbma 11-21-2012 06:02 PM

Yes, definitely neglected. It was involved in an accident around this time last year and I've been unemployed for a while so i had to scrape by and barely keep it running. A few people backed into it a couple times and I finally decided it was time to get the ball rolling so I started on the body work, doing that got me back into the spirit. I have just about everything ready for paint except the driver side rear door which is going to be replaced instead of loaded with bondo. After that, it's hitting the body shop for some paint. I got rid of my rc cars and my nikon camera gear so I can focus on just my car. It will be ready by the time it gets nice out again.

choxor 11-21-2012 06:06 PM

Glad you're back on your feet and getting the car back on its feet, too.

tks 11-21-2012 06:06 PM

20k oil change dear god...

willsbma 11-21-2012 06:21 PM


Originally Posted by ruskisky (Post 14918345)
20k oil change dear god...

I was worried about that but the oil didn't look too bad coming out. I've heard that Blackstone labs tested oil out to 18k so 20k shouldn't be terrible. I'll keep up with them now that I found a job. Maybe I'll send it out to a lab next change just for shits and giggles

willsbma 11-23-2012 07:26 PM

Replaced A-pillar and C-pillar trim today. I found a stock air box with the cowl for $20 so I popped that in too. Also, swapped out a door brake so now the front door stays open by itself again! New dr rear door is on as well, luckily the junkyard gave me a whole door, glass and door panel all included for a good price. Now onto the front bumper reinforcement. I hope I can find one tomorrow

willsbma 11-24-2012 12:54 PM

No bumper reinforcement today, but new plugs and a new air filter will hopefully get my mpg up a little. Also threw in a new upper intake boot. The silicone around that little vacuum line bung was finally getting to me. I'll keep updating, whether you read or not...

willsbma 11-25-2012 09:52 PM

Added in a custom phone mount and a usb port in the blank cover next to the seat heater button. Also threw in a 12v socket in the glove box for charging stuff discretely while parked. Ordering an mtech bumper this week, maybe some springs too.

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KOpower 11-25-2012 10:17 PM

Congrats - sounds like the car is coming along - a well kept and updated e46 can stay timeless and current for decades -

Plus car payments do suck!

willsbma 11-30-2012 06:14 PM

Ordered a few things! Waiting on M3 mirrors, hotchkis springs, oem roof rack and Di-Noc for the roof. The control arms, endlinks and bushings came today so if I can resist I'll do it tomorrow am, maybe tonight if I'm really bored. Got my spoiler from taiwan but it doesn't fit (figures...) Still waiting on that MtechII or M3 bumper.

wildirish317 11-30-2012 07:04 PM

Sounds like you landed a great job. Congrats! Don't go overboard on the spending though. Start an emergency fund for when something breaks.

willsbma 11-30-2012 07:44 PM


Originally Posted by wildirish317 (Post 14941742)
Sounds like you landed a great job. Congrats! Don't go overboard on the spending though. Start an emergency fund for when something breaks.

Yes I definitely landed an amazing job! I have a few bucks stashed for a "rainy day/repair" fund. I was finally at the point of disgust and made a choice. Sold my photography gear and said fuk it, lets get this back together. Def looking to make it a head-turner once again. Thanks!

willsbma 12-10-2012 06:38 PM

front and rear carpet, rear deck, upper b pillar trim all dyed black. Rear seats and headrests next... Springs came today and so did the roof rack. Hopefully this weekend she'll be lowered.

Brevik 12-10-2012 08:10 PM

Good job. I bet you would get better feed back with photos

willsbma 12-10-2012 08:18 PM


Originally Posted by breiwa1 (Post 14968383)
Good job. I bet you would get better feed back with photos

The camera on my phone sucks so my girl has been taking them with hers, I'll have to get them sent over and start an album!

willsbma 12-10-2012 08:32 PM

I think this should work:


willsbma 12-17-2012 08:54 PM

Update: this weekend I put 90% of the interior back in. Most stuff was dyed black but I didn't do the seats yet. Also installed the lowering springs and the new bumper/carrier. It looks really good lowered and the handling is much improved. Not used to it being dropped so I need to watch for big pot holes and keep it away from curbs. My buddy has some spare time at his shop this week so he's gonna look at the car and see what kind of job I did on the body work. Then after his assessment we'll see what needs to be tweaked before paint. Hopefully I didn't do too bad and he can get it done soon.

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willsbma 12-20-2012 04:09 PM

Car is in for paint!!! http://s10.postimage.org/w943gca2d/IMAG0235.jpg

PH03NIX46 12-20-2012 04:13 PM


Although I have to say, if I ever got a car resprayed, it'd never be in black. There are just too many awesome colors to choose from (AW, LSB, some form of bright red, etc.).

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