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tnhl1989 11-26-2012 07:34 PM

Looking to part my car
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Hey guys,

So I got into a car accident last week. http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=957532

Some info on the car. Last numbers for vin is pg17133 if anyone is interested in transmission or engine. It's a steptronic 5 speed automatic. Interior is black. 126,000 miles on it. Headliner is gray.

If anyone is interested in any parts the whole car still has everything.

I've listed my asking prices, but I'm rather negotiable! I'm just trying to make up where the insurance company shorted me, so please, be reasonable with your offers.

Prices do NOT include shipping, so send me you zip code if you want a shipping estimate.

Any other questions feel free to email me tnhl1989 [a] gmail.com or text me at [617]297-eight845

Anything else that you guys would like just post it and I'll add it to the list of stuff. Check out the photos in the flickr.

Photos below -

Bilstein Sports Shocks (15-20k miles) - Sold
ECS reinforce rear mounts (15-20k miles) - Sold
Front Ball Joints (OEM) (10k miles) - $75 each
Control Arms (driver and passenger) Lemforder (10k miles) - $150 each
Front Strut Mounts (10k miles) - Sold
Control Arm Bushings (Pressed into bracket 10k miles) - $75 each
Eibach lowering springs - Sold

Engine Bay
Engine M54 (Has new head gasket, spark plugs, and oil change less than 200 miles ago) - $2000, B/O
Transmission A5S 390R - $700
Duralast Reman/CV Axle (lifetime warranty) (brand new) Passenger side left - $25 (pick up only)
Power Steering Rack - $150
New valve cover gasket - $25

Rear Calipers - $50
Front Calipers - Sold

Exterior -
Rear Smoked Tail Light RSR (whole set) - $100
Rear Smoked Tail Light Corner (Driver side) - $50
2 Sets Rear OEM Red/Yellow Corner Lights - $40 each
2 Sets Front Corner Lights OEM Amber Lens - $25 each
Amber Side Markers - $20 each
Rear Inner OEM Yellow/Red Amber Lens - $20 each
Broken Driver Side Mirror (at the hinge) (heated, memory, fold-in) - $30
Driver Side Mirror (heated, memory, fold-in) - $100
Passenger Side Mirror (heated, memory, fold-in) - $100
Lower intake boot (new) 13541438759 - $10
Hood - $350 with minor crack in middle
Side Fenders - $200 each
Front Door Skins - $200 each
Chrome Window Trim - $80 each
Side Skirt - $100 each
Halogen Headlights broken one bracket - Sold
Rear Bulb Carrier 63217165865;63217165866 - $20 each

Interior -
Black Door Panels Front - $60/ea
Black Door Panels Rear - $40/ea
Dashboard Vent Center - $20 broken tabs
Dashboard Vent Center - $30 non broken tabs
Center Ash Tray Console with Sun Glasses Holder - $80
Driver side left truck tray - $20
Center Console Storage 51167038323 - Sold
Shift Boot - $30
Handbreake boot - $50
Center Console - Sold
Steering wheel with airbag (non-sport) - $150
Seat belts - $15 ea
ZHP Shift Knob - used - $25
Front Seats (powered, heated) - Sold
Rear Seats - Sold
HVAC Heater Control Unit - $70

redbull 325is 11-26-2012 09:09 PM

is it manual or auto?

tnhl1989 11-26-2012 10:25 PM

Automatic. 5 speed.

TrickTizzle 11-26-2012 10:47 PM

Is your hood still in good condition? Any rock chips, dents, etc?
I've been looking for a OEM replacement hood for my car for a while now, would you be willing to ship or drive?

taveet330i 11-26-2012 10:55 PM

Is it a facelift sedan? Tail lights in tact? Interior color? Do you have a eurotray? Interested.
Thanks and I do have PayPal


tnhl1989 11-26-2012 11:20 PM

@trick - the hood was bent in at the grills. I believe I saw someone post saying that it's about a 900 dollar repair but it is a oem hood. Normal wear and tear for a 126k miles car. Shipping would be alright since I don't plan on driving across country.

@taveet - Um not sure if it is a facelift or not. You can be the judge of that. I'm horrible at trying to figure it out. It's a 01/02 production model so it is right in between there for facelift or not. I do have OEM tail lights which are sitting in my room, however the ones on the car seems to be damage on the passenger side. Might be keeping them not sure yet. Interior is black and I don't know what the eurotray is.

I will have more photos of everything once I get the car back from the insurance. However please feel free to ask questions and put up offers that are reasonable. Thanks again!

taveet330i 11-26-2012 11:49 PM

I appreciate it. I was interested in the tail lights if they were in tact still but its alright. And what do the headlights look like? Could you attach a picture so we can see if its a facelift or not? And the eurotray is a storage box in the place of the cupholders but my interior is beige


tnhl1989 11-27-2012 01:08 AM

Photos are up. The headlights are Ebay Eagle Eyes headlights. I wouldn't sell them because they are crappy. No eurotray.

02Dinan330xi 11-27-2012 02:24 AM

are you going to sell the clear corner lenses? is the driver side mirror intact? and how was your moonroof motor before the accident? I am purchasing a 2002 330xi with dinan upgrades in a matter of days it needs a new driver side mirror and the moonroof goes back rather slow so i assume i will have to put a new motor in sometime in the near future. also wanted to do some clear corners

tnhl1989 11-27-2012 02:29 AM

The clear corners are not in the best condition. I'll have to take photos of it when it comes off to show you.

The motor for the sunroof worked perfectly. No problems with the moon roof at all.

The driver side mirror was replaced recently about two months ago since a previous accident but that works fine too. Heated and memory side mirror.

As shown in the photos everything else is intact except what damages you see there.

GSherbs 11-27-2012 09:11 AM

Those look like 3rd party headlights? Can you confirm?

tnhl1989 11-27-2012 09:39 AM

Yes they are 3rd party.

fernando629 11-28-2012 11:32 AM

Would be interested in the trunk cover mat and battery tray.

tomoyer 11-28-2012 09:13 PM

02Dinan330xi, just so you know, most likely the sun/moon roof motor is fine, the cable/track system is going bad and needs to be replaced (very common, especially the plastic clips breaking and then the roof cocking when opening or closing), the motors don't go bad very often.

taveet330i 11-28-2012 09:26 PM

Definitely a facelift model. It was lifted I believe in September of 2001

E46Ty 11-28-2012 10:38 PM

How much are u looking 4 the interior.

jcarpfishman 11-29-2012 02:05 PM

I'm definitely interested in a couple of items! I'll update this post as I figure out what I need / can afford as long as they're not already spoken for.

1.) Passenger side mirror assembly - You said they were heated and memory, correct? Did the passenger mirror tilt properly when putting the car in reverse, and return to the correct position when back in drive?
2.) Possibly the stereo amp.... I'm looking into repair options right now, so I may not need this.

There will probably be more...

JasonCote 12-02-2012 10:05 PM

What kind of trim do you have inside? I am interested and local.

willsbma 12-02-2012 10:08 PM

I need black seats. What kind of condition are they in?

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bmwm3beast 12-02-2012 10:14 PM

Dude is your interior headliner and pillars black?

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