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O'BlueTouring 12-02-2012 05:35 PM

[Cyclist] Best Bike Trainer for the buck?
Hi all,

I haven't not been able to ride my bike as much as I wanted to, mostly because I usually don't get off work until 10pm. My friend told me I should get a bike trainer and just convert my bike into a stationary bike so that I can still get some exercise in while watching TV.

I Googled a few and found some good reviews on the RAD mag trainers and some by Schwinn and Blackburn.

I'm wondering if anyone have good experience with these units and what would you recommend if the budget is around $100?


Glight 12-02-2012 07:43 PM

I bought one from d!cks sporting goods for about $100. Worked fine except for the fact that there is no way to make riding on a trainer anything but insanely boring.

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Ghostie 12-03-2012 10:17 AM

If you want to be able to watch TV, I recommend a Fluid trainer, they're much more quiet than Magnetic Trainers, which tend to get pretty loud indoors. (This can be an issue if you live in an apartment, or even in a house if you live with others)

Fluid trainers also better at offering variable levels of resistance, so that you can challenge yourself as you get stronger. They may be out of your price range brand new, but I'm sure you can pick up a gently used one for not too much more. (Check ebay, craigslist, or the classified sections of any cycling forum)


Riding inside can be pretty boring, but is a necessary compromise. The trick is to reduce the duration of your workouts and make them challenging. (I recommend either having a specific goal for each session, or getting some training DVDs to ride along with)

O'BlueTouring 12-04-2012 04:11 AM

Thanks guys for the replies..

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