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RedFisch 12-05-2012 11:47 PM

Non-start after rough running in rain
UPDATE: Solved! Tuned out to be a faulty fuel pump. See my last post in this thread.

OK, this one is turning into a tough one to diagnose. Any ideas appreciated.

2000 323i 188K miles

Driving in rain today, CEL comes on. I limp home and the car is low on power and severely hesitates under 2k... but at least I make it home.

I plug in my PA Soft BMW scanner and get the following errors:

DME Errors
92[146] Minor Leak 0.5mm; fuel cap possibly not secured
E3[227] Ox-s control deviation, bank 1 too large
E4[228] Ox-s control deviation, bank 2 too large
EE[230] Misfire. cylinder 1
EF[239] Misfire. cylinder 1
7F[127] Activation, solenoid valve, suction-jet pump

LCM Errors
16[022] Turn lights switch / wire. short circuit to ground
17[023] High beam / headlight flasher switch. sort circuit to ground
33[051] Sidelight front right
38[056] Sidelight front left
3E[062] Rear fog light faulty

IKE Errors
11[017] Thermal oil level sensor
BE[190] Data-filing difference to central light module (LCM)

...car just cranks and cranks (very strongly), but won't start.

Unplugged MAF and still no start. Checked all connectors in engine compartment, none seem wet or loose. Inspected grounds.

Recent DIY work done - CCV (double-checked all vacuum connections still fine); water pump; belt pulleys; soldered faulty dome light; rear springs and shocks; Vanos oil line replacement. Car ran fine after all of these (no CEL until today).

Maybe a ground got wet in the rain?? What non-start conditions that don't include sensor errors could these be caused by? Any ideas folks? Could a faulty key do this? I only have one unfortunately... I'm scratching my head here... :thanks:

markusmarkus 12-06-2012 08:43 AM

Hmmmm. A wet ground wouldn't cause these problems. However, a bad ground certainly would.

Your car's problems seem to be very general in nature. You stated that the car cranked very strongly. That would seem to rule out a battery problem. During the rain storm did you drive your car through any puddles? Could the alternator have ingested some water?

Try this: disconnect the ground lead from the battery disconnect they positively from the battery short them together for 10 to 15 minutes reverse the steps. By the way this is a BMW approved process.

RedFisch 12-06-2012 11:48 AM

No major puddles... just general rain conditions. I will try the terminal reset you mentioned. Everything in the engine compartment looked dry when I stopped the car. I also broke out the DMM and it reads 13.7v at the battery and also 13.7v at the jumper post in the engine compartment. I think the battery (and probably the charging system) is fine.

RedFisch 12-06-2012 12:02 PM

Another data point: Though the PA Soft BMW Scanner reads fine through the Pacman 20 pin connector, a regular OBDII scanner shows ERR when linking through the OBDII port.

RedFisch 12-06-2012 12:14 PM

Question: When I was replacing the CCV, there is an electrical box that you unbolt and move out of the way. Is there any way being too rough on that could have caused a short that would cause these issues? I don't think so, since they are mostly connectors for the DISA, ICV, MAF and VANOS, (which I think would show different errors than what I have), but maybe a wire was bare and water shorted it?

RedFisch 12-06-2012 03:22 PM

SOLVED. Looks like it was a flakey fuel pump that finally died. Just replaced it and all is well.

The light module errors were unrelated and were caused by a loose connector at the instrument cluster (I took it apart a few weeks ago to fix the tabs that set the clock). When I did, the fastener that holds the connector in snapped... but I thought the connector would hold ok. Guess I was wrong.

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