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NewDriver 12-09-2012 11:16 PM

Introducing myself as a new member of this community and asking for advices
Hello all,

I've just registered in this Forum, which I visited couple of times earlier because of my problems with my lovely car. I found some answers very helpful, but I need more advices from this awesome community.
I'm driving 2004 325i, which is my first car ever. Moreover, I started driving a month ago, never driven before. I know you will say: "- crazy! Starting driving with BMW? Sounds insane". I cannot change anything now, I love my car very much and trying to be a good driver not to torture it too much, but it's not always a case with an unexperienced driver. It happened on Monday of the Thanksgiving week, while exiting from the garage (which is very, very tricky) I got destructed by beep sound telling me that the hand brake was not completely released, my all attention went to the hand brake and here we go! I hit the concrete wall with the passenger side front wheel and guess what, the wheel came off and of course the passenger side door airbag and the head airbag deployed. I was totally shocked, no insurance (just basic) with still debts for buying the car. At the end the front suspension was fixed ( paid a lot), but I worry about airbags now. I know from your posts and discussions that to fix the new airbags costs crazy money. Also I read that there can be more damage because of the airbag deploy. So far I don't see any other damage, however I don't have the sunroof checked, only the clock is off. Can it be because of the airbags? Actually, when I towed the car to the mechanic's battery drained and he recharged it. Can the clock be off because of the drained battery? Could you please advise me how I can turn the clock back on.
One more thing, I'm still driving with the airbags deployed. Do you know if the NY police can ticket me for it? Should I cut away the head airbag by myself? Have you ever heard about refixing the deployed airbags?
Thank you for your help.

BBBoy323i 12-10-2012 12:40 AM

Ah this is a tricky situation, is it possible for you to borrow money from your parents or something? They probably want you to have a safe car.

steve bettencourt 12-10-2012 06:23 AM

Hi new driver
There is a few things to look for the seat belt thats bolted to the seat has to be changed if you need one I would let you have it for free ,there is a few guys around that re program the module, you can buy most of the parts used.
If the police notice the air bags, I think they can pull you off the road,you can cut them out( they can not be reused) just put black duct tape, also if you have some one in the right seat gets hurt you would be rsponsible ,your insurance would default

NewDriver 12-10-2012 10:03 AM

Thank you, guys, for your replies. I appreciate it very much.
Steve, I just checked the passenger seat belt. It is operating just fine, no obvious problem with it. Why do you think it has to be changed? Anyway, thank you for your kind offer. So, you suggest I have to cut out both airbags (the head and the side door ones). But where should I put the duct tape? Do you mean on the door to seal back that little window for an airbag? I will do it today, I don't want to be ticketed or pulled off the road. You mentioned that modules can be reprogrammed. Would it be cheaper than the new ones and safer in terms of correct operation? Could you please let me know whom I can contact with regard to module reprogramming? I found airbags on this website (http://parts.bmwofsouthatlanta.com/p...modelYear=2004). To get the head and the side ones cost about $650-700, which is quite expansive for me and plus labor cost? It will be way expansive. Do you think reprograming will be cheaper? I'm not letting anybody to sit on the front seat, so I'm safe with it :).
@ BBBoy323i: I'm not letting my parents know about my accident. They live abroad and I don't want them to worry more, because they are nervous anyway that I'm driving such a fast car. Plus, they are gonna help me out to cover my debts, which I took when buying this car :(. So, I'm trying to deal with it by myself with help of friends.
Guys, any thoughts about the clock got off. Can it be due the airbag deploy?
Thanks again for your replies.

steve bettencourt 12-11-2012 06:34 AM

If the seat belt is locked in position and woulden't pull out then you have to change it, on the air bags don't rush and buy them there are lots out there for the e46, the one in the door panel is easy to change , on the headliner see if you could disconect the plug and remove the air bag if you leave it in then the headliner would want to stay that way and you would have a space , I don't know of anyone in NY to reprogramm the module hopefully some one on the forum might know , on the clock check youe fuse .

NewDriver 12-11-2012 06:13 PM

Thank you, Steve, for your reply. Yesterday, I just cut away that part of the head airbag, which was hanging out from the ceiling of the car. Which plug did you mean by saying "if you could disconnect the plug and remove the airbag".
Thank you again.

steve bettencourt 12-12-2012 06:22 AM

Hi newdriver
where the wire conects to the air bag there is a little colour safty clip lift it up with a small screw driver and the conector will come off be very gentle you do not want to damage the conector ,when you get the airbag you need to reconect, when you get every thing together you have to take it to a shop and clair the airbag light in your dash . If you need help with the headliner I could walk you through you might just have to drop the right side, remove the visor apiller b piller rear panel and the two handles , best thing to do is when you get the new one look and see where they bolts are so you would know where to loose the bolts on your car

NewDriver 12-12-2012 11:48 PM

Thank you, Steve, for instructions. Everything is clear now. I'm planning to order airbags after holidays and then I will have a big task to do - installing airbags. I watched on youtube how to remove a door panel and airbag in E46. Seems a little tricky (especially for a female driver like myself), but I think I can do it with proper tools, which I have to get. I'm pretty good in crafting. Thank you again, but I suspect I will continue bugging you and others with questions :).

xcar360 12-12-2012 11:57 PM

hi, welcome....

steve bettencourt 12-13-2012 06:15 AM

you don't realy need a lot of tools , a# 10 # 14 socket and rachet handle , # 15# 20 #25 torx and small flat screw driver and a hard plastic clip remover . Maybe your friend's dad could lend you the tools

NewDriver 12-16-2012 07:34 PM

Thank you, Steve. Appreciate it. I'll ask around for these tools.

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