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upanddown 12-30-2012 09:23 PM

04 325i overheating
For the last month or so my heater has not been heating, even on HI temp and max speed, until I have been on the highway for about 5-10 minutes and then if i pulled off to a side street it would only heat if I was accelerating.

Tonight, again my heater wasnt heating while driving around town and for the first time the temperature gauge was showing overheating. I turned off the heater and the temperature returned to normal within seconds followed by the sound of water circulating.

To me this is saying my water pump is bad and not circulating correctly. However I want to run this by everyone to make sure there is not something else that I could be missing. At this point I have not cracked into my coolant system and have not witnessed or smelled any coolant leaks so I have ruled out air in the system as a probable cause at this point.

Thanks in advance for the help and replies.

upanddown 12-31-2012 09:32 AM

After doing some searching, what is puzzling me is how the car overheated while blowing cold air the within 2 or 3 seconds dropped to normal temperature after turning off the heater followed by the sound of coolant flowing through the heater core.

I dont know if turning off the heater and the circulation of coolant was a coincidence since it happened in the 2 or 3 seconds after turning off the heater.

Im not sure if this is a heater core or thermostat issue. I have not replaced any parts or bled the system as of yet, just trying to get a game plan of how to attack the problem other than replace everything......any suggestions?

BMWCaptain 12-31-2012 10:25 AM

I had my 328i that would not give me heat for a while. Turned out to be a bad head gasket that finally failed. After repairing it, my heat returned.

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