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cdodds2004 12-31-2012 11:02 AM

newbie HELP required with boot water leak
Ok guys ill start by saying, great forum and happy new year been reading forum since before i purchased me e46 vert. im in the uk :)

Story begins

purchased E46 330 m sport vert facelift. all seemed well and started modding and tidying up a few bits that had been neglected. purchased a hardtop to go with it.

fitted hardtop before bad weather came and after a few heavy downpours noticed by boot carpet and battery well to have water in them!

so 1st trip to bmw with the hardtop removed they water tested and told me rear handle and boot seal needed replacing. so i had them replaced along with the roof cover seal aswell thinking i may aswell get the whole thing done at once! after reading on here about the drains being blocked i checked and both clear and flowing well!

all seemed well but car was getting condensation inside, quite badly after being driven and warmed up inside then left in cold!

back to bmw i went, water tested and told me hardtop wasnt fitted correctly and the roof was damp causing the condensation. so hardtop adjusted and re-fitted and roof dried out completly. BMW engineer tells me that the roof cover has dropped slightly on one side and could be causing the hard top to not seal on one corner and required shimming up. so i booked it in for the work and took car home.

over the next week or so no water in the boot, but condensation persisted on back windows, only way to keep it away was to have AC on all the time.

BMW fitted the shims and sent me on my way, 2 days later boot full of water again!!

so i took the car back to bmw and they are no saying that since the shims have been fitted the rear cover is not sealing on the new seal and the car must of been in a accident!

im not happy about this as the car is very clean and HPi clear, although i cant guarntee it hasnt been in accident i think this is a poor exscuse why the leak is there and the fact they told me it needed shims! they now tell me that they have never fitted shims to any verts apart from damaged ones!

i did read a post on here were some one else said they had shims in one side and not the others!

just wondering what peoples opinions are on this as im 600+ out of pocket and still will have atleast a problem with condensation if not a leak aswell.

they shimmed it up to try and get the hard top to seal on one side better!
they fitted 4 shims on drivers side and none on the others.

now they did show me before they started and the cover was slightly lower on drivers side the the rear 1/4 and boot, is this the only way to adjust it? using shims or?

just after peoples opinions on how i can either resolve this issue with leak/condensation or how i should carry on with BMW because im not happy that i have paid alot of money and now im getting fobed off with the car isnt straight line!

very unhappy customer at moment :(

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