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Cheet22 01-02-2013 02:12 AM

ABS/Reluctor ring
Hi all,

A couple months ago i got the 3 lights on dash and loss of speedo/fuel mpg gauge which i diagnosed as rear left wheel sensor thanks to this forum

I changed the sensor (cheap off ebay) and all was well again.

However, 2 months later the problem is back. I went and got myself a bmw sensor (ouch) but this did not fix it.

I decised to get myself sorted with inpa/dis and indeed that confirms no signal from rear left wheel. I moved car slowly and all other wheel speeds showing values so its deffo this wheel.

Ive tried the various methods to test the new sensor and even swapped from other side and all seems to say sensor is fine, it is new afterall.

Anyway, on closer inspection looking into the sensor hole i can clearly see the abs ring on the working wheel, but on this rear left it seems 'missing' or at least severely worn away. Interestingly, when i originally replaced the sensor 2mths back i had a right nightmare getting the old torx bolt out, chewed it badly, so bought myself 4 new bolts from bmw so i had them whenever i replaced a sensor. I did notice a the time they were slightly longer than the original, but they went in fine and seemed no contact but im wondering it actually it was just touching the ring and as such worn it/broke it. Hard to see but possible maybe?

Anyway, So im looking now at replacing this ring. I seem to have 3 options.

1. Buy a new ring from (http://www.reluctorrings.com/cars/bmw), remove the driveshaft and then put the new ring on

2. Replace the driveshaft with a used one

3. Buy an aftermarket shaft

Im favouring option 1, mainly as a used shaft might be just as bad and a new one costs much more than just a ring. But has anyone ever done this job? Will i have much hassle getting driveshaft out? Looks like i can drop the sway bar, unbolt the shaft at diff, remove hub axle nut and knock shaft out inwards, then simply reverse with new ring fitted?

Oh yeah, its a 2000 330i sport.

Any guidance, comments appreciated!

Cheet22 01-04-2013 06:29 PM

Looks like this is not perhaps a common fault or at leat noone come across it, but i will update this thread as i work through it

Today i finally got the driveshaft off and found the abs ring was indeed all but gone - only an inch remained but that crumbled away soon as i touched it

New ring fitted easily with threadlock applied from reluctorrings.com so just to reassemble tomorrow - had to take off shock, control arms and trailing arm to get driveshaft out. I marked the lower arm but realignment will be needed

So just hope now i put it all back and problem solved, will update as i say in case it helps someone else in future - even if it does not solve it.

Cheet22 01-09-2013 05:41 PM

Just an update.

Put all back together with new reluctor ring and.....exactly the damn same! All 3 lights still on and dis and inpa show no reading from back left wheel, all others and steering angle seem fine

Maybe im looking at a dsc module?

Id love first to be 100pc sure this new ring is working, so plan to do some playing with the multimeter again to see if i can be sure.

Am i right in saying i set the meter to ohms, and attach to the two pins of the sensor, and when i spin wheel the resistance should flicker?

Cheet22 01-13-2013 02:28 AM

Another update and not good news, i really need some help!

1. I still have the three lights on dash even with new reluctor ring on rear left driveshaft
2. Inpa shows no signal from that wheel sensor when car moves, all others fine
3. Steering angle fine
4. Dis shows only one code, no signal rear left wheel
5. Ive even tried swappng rear sensors in case my new one was duff, no joy
6. Im getting 12v at the sensor connector ok
7. Ive checked all fuses etc all ok
8. All dsc tests in dis i can do work fine. So dsc is communicating ok.

So, either there is still something wrong with this new abs ring, but it is aligned spot on looks right to me, or i have a bad dsc module, or i have some broken wire from that wheel sensor back to module?

Anyone had smilar, where one wheel shows no signal but in fact it was dsc module? Im trying to work out if i can buy a used one to swap out but struggling to find if i can recode it using inpa or dis? Is it easy to remove also without disconnecting brake lines? Looks tucked away and cant see any obvious screws

Or, is it time to take it to an indy? I have used weavers in glasgow before so may just hand it to them now.

phelix 01-11-2015 10:30 PM

Did you ever get this sorted out? Curious to hear what the resolution was.

ccmoos 03-17-2015 02:46 PM

I Seem to have this as well, and no good ideas left :-|:thumbdwn:

phelix 03-17-2015 03:08 PM

In my case (99 E46 328i w/180K miles) a new ABS sensor was all that was required; reluctor ring seemed fine. Not sure it's even a separate part.

Bryso21 02-08-2017 10:56 AM

Has this been solved? Im having the exact same thing and I cant see any reluctor ring. Going to go ahead with that but now im not sure what to do this is the first thread ive seen on this and my own recent thread is getting zero response

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