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ldevries 01-15-2013 08:49 AM

Smoking 318i
I recently took my car to a mechanic to have the oil changed for I wanted to travel long distance. I bought the oil filter myself as well as the oil. After collecting the car I noticed a strong fuel smell. I returned the car and they told me that a certain fuel pipe came loose. After solving the smell problem the car started to smoke when I drive up an incline or accele
rate suddenly. It seem also that it misfires at that moment when accelerating. I am very dissapointed for I love my car and had to take my wife's Polo to go on holiday.
Can anyone maybe identify this problem for me. The car is also very much down on power and not so responive as I am used to. The car is a 2003 318i a/t with only 103000 on the clock.

Nhlanhloz 10-14-2014 01:39 AM

I had been told that it's engine rigs that needs to be done by the engineers

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JAMES CARSTENS 11-01-2014 08:00 AM

James Carstens
I have a similar model but 2002 - if you see white smoke, especially
after having idled (say, at a robot), coupled with increased oil use
then the valve stem seals need to be replaced - I had mine done
at 147K - also had the timing chain replaced at a total cost of R4.200-00.
Good Luck!!

uncleruin 11-01-2014 02:54 PM

Perhaps this might help, but I just went through changing the CCV , Oil pump, etc, and also thought that the Blue smoke , stuttering of the engine etc, might also be Valve stem seals.
However!...after doing the CCV, and the Oil pump etc,......the smoke at start up and for awhile during short runs disappeared......Great thinks I.....saved dosh and thought won't have to do the valve stem seals after all.
Now comes the crunch.......I did an oil change and back came the smoke and engine stuttering.....WHY?.....because for some odd reason it seems that with the 318i ,if you pour oil in the oil filler cap and not down the dip stick tube, or the oil filter....The oil sits on top of the engine and can't get away to the sump ....so it burns off showing blue smoke.

What we did was to take the car out and thrash it for an hour.................this was 3 days ago, and now no more blue smoke or stuttering....if this works for you I will be pleased to hear.

However! if it does not , before you rush into valve seals (which by the way fail slowly, so you would have seen blue smoke before now)....try this stuff first. http://www.xado.co.uk/
I used the 1 stage atom on my lads car ....smoke has gone , emmisions are good

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