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kilo1548 02-13-2013 06:08 PM

Pictoral DIY: e46 Nexus 7 Dash install
For background on this project you can check out my website(located in my profile or sig).
  • As of now I have the nexus 7 in hand with the custom interface to mimic the new 2012 BMW Connected Drive system
  • HVAC Controls have been relocated temporarily... See Here
  • The Nexus Boot animation has been completed
  • Factory Business radio has been removed and dismantled so that I can relocate the controls
  • Blitz Safe AUX adapter has been ordered (Scheduled to arrive on Feb 19th)
  • Still up in the are on doing the Bluetooth install as the same time..
  • Up in the are on making a Bezel or purchasing one from http://mybimmer.net/

So i guess ill start by showing the Radio tear down. Im not going to post anything about how to remove the radio from the car. Plenty of great DIY are already available on this site for that.
So here was the radio on my work bench.


Starting with the top plate remove the 3 screws listed below

Next begin to pry upward with a flat head screw driver along the area surrounded in Red - You can see where i was lifting with my flat head

Contiune to do the same along the back side and the drivers side of the radio

Here is a picture with the top plate removed

Originally the whole reason that I removed this was because my radio was becoming very difficult to turn on and off (and now Im putting a nexus in...) The picture below shows why this was happening. You can see where the Volume/Power Knob had broken away from the face plate

The next step is to remove the screws holding the CD player in place. These are located at the red arrows.

Here are a couple close ups of those same screws. The first image is the passengers side front and the last picture shows the back 2(near the wiring harness connections)

The cd drive is connected to the main PCB(Printed Circuit Board) of the radio with a connector. When you first try and remove the drive it may feel as though it is still connected. I used a flat head and pried the drive gently up to release this connection.

The picture below is a picture of the connector I was referring to above

The next step was to remove the face plate. There are 4 screws and two clips holding this in place.
This first image is the passengers side of the radio
Image below is drivers side. (You might also notice that I have the heat sink removed in this picture... This was unneeded and I kept forgetting I had removed it and was getting thermal paste everywhere. I cleaned both, applied new thermal paste and re installed. There would be no reason to ever remove this for anything in this tutorial)
And then the 2 screws located on the bottom of the radio

The clips are located on the inside of the housing where screws 1 and 2 were removed. I simply used a flat head again to gently pry outward and slowly pushing forward. Be careful on this step as the FFC(Flat Flexible Cable) is still connected to both the face plate and the main PCB.

Next you can remove the FFC by gently pushing toward the back of the radio on the two clips shown in the following image. It should easily slide out. Do not force this connection. There should be ZERO resistance when trying to remove this FFC from the ZIF socket on the main PCB.

At this point I forgot to take an image removing the FFC from the face plate of the radio. This is also another ZIF connector but it is a different style. The brown section of the connector in the photo below folds up and down(towards the FFC and then Back towards the PBC of the faceplate). Again this should easily slide out as before. There should be no resistance.

Here is a close up of the ZIF connector with the FFC removed and the cable that connects the volume/power knob

I also forgot to take a good picture showing the screws to be removed so that the metal backing can be separated from the Front display PCB. The next image shows where they would have been. I don't think I missed any but they should be easy to spot regardless

The next image is the two screws that hold the Volume/Power knob in place ( mine were broken so it damn near fell out at this point).

On this next part I started to take things apart again and caught myself. When I first started removing the screws for the PBC I managed to get two different sizes in the first two I removed so I make the diagram seen in this following image to help keep track of the screws.(Never a bad Idea) Turns out only the top center screw ended up being a different size but It never hurts to be safe

Here is an image with the PCB removed from the face plate and the rubber contacts exposed

This final picture shows the rubber removed(it just lays there.. Its help in place by the PCB) The brass screws shown in the image below could be removed but the only thing you would gain at this point is the ability to remove individual buttons if one needed replaced. I didn't feel like dealing with it if I bumped this and would have to realign all the buttons so as soon as I removed this plastic plate I re-installed it.

kilo1548 02-13-2013 06:08 PM

Here are a couple videos of me testing the stock radio back in the car after disassembling it.
This first video is making sure that the radio will still work without the face plate reinstalled.

This next video shows that I didnt screw anything up when disassembling. (I freaked out a little when nothing happened at first haha) I guess for some reason when I reattached the face plate the radio turned itself off. I also found it weird that I could not get the buttons to work with a bare finger. This came back to me being a little perplexed as to how rubber contacts were connecting these buttons... If anyone has an idea on this I would appreciate a pm haha. This goes against everything I've learned in school

Here is where im at on customizing the nexus 7 so far. This will be the boot animation that will play when the car is started. This is achieved through several ways. I will do a write up on the nexus 7 at another time once everything is finalized

Here are a couple screen shots of what the nexus 7 looks like - These are taken directly from the tablet with the VolumDown/Power function of android 4.2.1 -
This is the main menu that is displayed after the above startup animation

Followed by multimedia, listing the different internet radio apps installed so far. These can be directly controlled from this screen or opened into a full screen mode. The 4 widgets for pandora, slacker, spotify, and Play Music. While I have planned on doing a custom theme for at least Play Music (I know this is possible as I have worked on a Blacked out theme before) I will be leaving this till after the install is fully functional. Then I can go back and tweek and beautify the interface. (At that time I would also look into the possibility of themeing pandora and the others.

And lastly weather

kilo1548 02-13-2013 06:08 PM

Held for updates

Ballistic325 02-13-2013 10:15 PM

Great DIY - very adventurous!

Sub'd for updates.

kilo1548 02-21-2013 03:25 PM

Quick little update... I have received the Blitz Safe module and it is now installed in the car. I will be out of town until Tuesday and am still waiting on a face plate and the FFC extensions. Hopefully they are waiting for me on my return home!

bradnic 02-21-2013 11:55 PM

SWEET project

seraph123 02-26-2013 04:07 PM

awesome! waiting for updates!

jdny516 02-26-2013 06:30 PM

Subscribed, on my N7 right now.

kilo1548 02-27-2013 03:40 AM

Got a little work done today. I have reassembled the factory radio without the d drive installed and have also installed the Blitz safe in the truck. For now I just have a long aux cable running up the middle of the car in plain sight as Im still in the process of fitting and testing everything. Ill try and get a write up for the blitz install and some pictures of fitting the nexus 7 with the stock radio controls. Today I verified that the aux functions do work even without the CD drive installed in the radio. This is good because otherwise there wouldnt be any room to keep the tablet and the radio controls. I also finally got the new FFC cable from china! Nice and long so that I can extend the location of the face place down into the new location that I have been mocking up for the PCB from the radio. I have also decided that to make things fit a little better Im going to have to relocate the volume knob to the right hand side of the radio above the AM/FM and scan mode buttons. Should be getting alot of the mock up and start on the custom faceplate this week and next. Goal is to have all of this completed by the 9th of March! We'll see if I can pull it off


Just thought I would make a little template for myself to follow. I know... Its a really shitty photoshop... But I didnt want to take much time

tnhl1989 02-27-2013 04:00 AM

Good luck on everything man. I am assuming that once this whole set up works any other tablet would possibly be able to do the same thing. I would like to run a mini ipad personally. :)

kilo1548 02-28-2013 03:48 AM

Any tablet could be modded to work. I chose the nexus 7 for several reasons though. One of the main things is that I have wanted to keep the controls from the original radio and the nexus seven has both the aux jack and the charging cable on the same side allowing me to push it all the way to the driver and leave room for the stock radio controls. Also i love android and already know how to write apps for it :thumbup:

kilo1548 03-03-2013 07:52 PM

So while killing this down time waiting for parts I started to tackle another problem I had with the car... The 19 year old that I had purchased this from had spray painted the wheels.... FML So Ive been dealing with that mess... Just jot an email from the people who I am trying to purchase a fascia from and Im still looking at another week before that shows up... BEST CASE... So this is looking like its going to take a little longer than I was wanting.. But good news is since this probably wont be complete until mid march now I decided to just go ahead and order the connects2 harness and parrot CK3000 bluetooth kit and install that while I have everything out anyways.... So heres to long shipping times!

tnhl1989 03-04-2013 08:53 AM

How are things going for you now man? Looks like it's a fun time over there.

kilo1548 03-04-2013 10:41 AM

Things are going good when I have parts.. haha I test fit everything in the car last night... Forgot to take pictures though. But, everything should fit as the BS Photoshop picture I made earlier. When I actually start to install parts into the car I will remember to take the pics of fitting. But I did verify that the Blitz Safe works great connected to the Nexus 7. I also made sure that my phone will automatically turn on wifi tethering when I start my car, then the tablet will disconnect from my home wifi (it stays connected to my house when the car is off - This is used so that I can use wireless to update the software on the tablet as well as make sure that my Play Music library stays current with new songs that I buy and playlists that I create) and connect to the wifi hotspot that my phone creates so I can stream once I leave my driveway. Everything is great and on track so far. Hopfully I will have the connects2 and Parrot Bluetooth by the end of the week as well as the fascia completed. Also confirmed that the Blitz Safe will work even without the CD drive installed in the business radio. (I still have the changer hooked up, for aux function, but i removed the CD drive from the inside of the factory radio to free up space behind the tablet). I have also received the FFC's from china and I had to order them in a lot of 100.... or 50 i'm not sure.. But regardless I only need one for this mod. If anyone wants to attempt this after me pay shipping... A stamp, heh, and Ill send ya a few

tnhl1989 03-04-2013 11:05 AM

I would consider this however I want to play around with this enco b046 that should be coming in the mail today :) More details in this write up and more photos ;)

I'm assuming you have the order iphone or ipod of some type. I wonder if there is anything really for the iphone 5 to be hook up to a android device or something yet.

Well when you do release the apps could you send it to me so I can test it out on the enco? Would really like the that bmw connect loading screen to start when I turn on the unit.

kilo1548 03-04-2013 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by tnhl1989 (Post 15215975)
I would consider this however I want to play around with this enco b046 that should be coming in the mail today :) More details in this write up and more photos ;)

I'm assuming you have the order iphone or ipod of some type. I wonder if there is anything really for the iphone 5 to be hook up to a android device or something yet.

Well when you do release the apps could you send it to me so I can test it out on the enco? Would really like the that bmw connect loading screen to start when I turn on the unit.

Once everything is set up the way I like it and I have everything finalized I will post the files and apps needed to replicate it. Im actually using a Samsung S3 with this set up.

kilo1548 03-05-2013 11:45 PM

Well I finally got a ship date for my things for the UK. Mar 12th to the 18th! So it looks like next week will be when everything becomes a reality

tnhl1989 03-06-2013 01:14 AM

Sweet, I also sent you a message on fb.

Would you share with me the bmw connect animation? I would like to make that my animation when I turn on the headunit :)

kilo1548 03-11-2013 12:10 PM


Originally Posted by tnhl1989 (Post 15223443)
Sweet, I also sent you a message on fb.

Would you share with me the bmw connect animation? I would like to make that my animation when I turn on the headunit :)

You can just download the video of the boot animation from youtube. If you dont know how to do that I suppose I can post a dropbox link... Never got a message on fb

customisbetter 03-11-2013 12:13 PM

Im interested in the Nexus mods as I am installing a Nexus 7 in my Rx-7. The stock music player blows and no on screen volume is a killer.

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