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drift.mechanic 02-22-2013 01:48 PM

Christcr and Sicknessman
I have a mint condition set of M Sport II sway bars for sale in the classified section. There has been a lot of interest in the bars but no serious bites yet.

So I dropped the price to 100$ for the pair of bars, bushings and end links. Basically, almost everything you need to mount them, for 100$. That is an incredible price for OEM performance parts.

I was contacted by Sicknessman because of his interest in the rear sway bar. I didn't want to split the set up initially but came to grips with the idea after going back and forth almost 10 times with private messages. Once I made him another price, which included shipping from Canada to his home address (I will not post his details), he declined saying he now has changed his mind to find a bigger bar. People change their minds, yes, but when you waste someones time asking for price reductions, shipping quotes and detailed information, then back out, it's annoying on a whole other level. So sellers be warned, don't invest too much time with this guy.

Now about Christcr. He asked me for a price of the rear bar, shipped to his home address (I will not post his details). I thought this was great seeing how Sicknessman wanted the front, and Christcr wanted the rear. Now I wouldn't be stuck with a incomplete set. I made him a price of 60$ shipped from Canada to him, once again, a very low price for a quick sale. A few minutes later, I received a message offering me 40$ shipped for the bar because he had seen one for that price. ABSOLUTELY NOT. How cheap can you be to be willing to spend only 40$ shipped across 2 countries. Of course I declined and refreshed his memory of the 60$ which included shipping. Christcr didn't answer the message as I expected and I though he wouldn't anymore. I finally got another message from him 2 days ago with a new offer of 55$ shipped. Even though it was much closer to my asking price of 60$, I declined with the message "I'm done negotiating". I received a "lol" in reply but ignored it.

I think we have a major problem on our forum, and forums in general. People, and more often that not, teens and early twentie-something kids, think that the posted price is automatically negotiable, AS IF THE FORUM WAS A FLEA MARKET. This is ridiculous. I know that I'm not the only one this pisses off.

I took the time to write this post to warn other members looking to sell off some of their spare parts to be careful when dealing with these 2 members. I'm not saying they're bad people, but I am saying you will waste your time dealing with them. I'm always in to help someone with their tech problems because I have the knowledge to do so. But when I'm selling parts at a very fair price and get dicked around by some clown behind a keyboard, I get pissed.

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