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jfoj 03-07-2013 07:47 PM

Launch CReader VI Updated & Info
So for anyone on the board that purchased the Launch CReaderVI there is a new software update, version 2.00.000, available for download on the LaunchTech USA website. http://www.launchtechusa.com/assets/.../products.html

I have not had a chance to see what differences there are between the older version 1.xx.xxx software, however, I just updated my tool this evening.

I also never tried to use the tool when not connected to the car, however, if you connect the USB cable to the CReader and plug it into any USB port to provide power you can power the tool up and review recorded datastreams and step through or play the datastream. This does not include graphs, but does include any live data that was captured.

You can use the DTC Lookup feature and get definitions for any DTC's that the tool has in its database.

You can review DTC that were captured to include date, time and VIN along with the number of DTC and whether they were Pending or Active.

You can review recorded data streams that are date and timestamped and also has the VIN captured. When you select a recorded data stream the tool immediately starts to step through the data captured at a rate of 1 frame per second. You can use the Enter/Return button to pause the data
stream then use the back and forward arrows to step through the datastream. Hitting the Enter/Return button will cause the datastream to resume play. The datastream will loop back around once it has reached the end of the captured data.

You can review Freeze Frame data based upon date, time and VIN. The tool will display all the Freeze Frame data that was captured during this Freeze Frame.

You can then delete the DTC, Datastream or Freeze Frame records from the tool as well.

I had not yet bothered to power the tool up away from the car, but this is a nice feature to to review data in the house and away from the car. This allows you to make notes, take pictures of the screen or review data in greater detail.

Also to note there is a newer CReader Professional 123 that is supposed to also support ABS and Airbag. This tool is slightly over $200 if you search it around. Seems like a nice expansion on the popular CReader tools that are available.

drift.mechanic 03-07-2013 10:52 PM

Thanks for the update on version 2.x

Launch, for the X431, releases about 25 updates yearly. The updates aren't anything insane, and normally include amended code definitions but are updates none the less. Sometimes it's just code definitions, other times it's complete codes and readiness test parameters. If you have any questions, contact Launch directly. I have a few times in the past, and they're pretty good with trouble shooting. Napa also distributes Launch products so replacement parts and updates can be sought from them.

jfoj 03-08-2013 06:18 PM

Looks like they may have added a few other on car tests that now work as well as maybe corrected an O2 sensor test that was coming up as failed.

I need to get the Launch back on my 330cic to verify the O2 sensor test does not still show failed, which I always thought was incorrect and just ignored the test result and failure flag.

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