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TheRiddle 03-08-2013 10:57 AM

Motorola Classic telephone antenna (disappeared)
Hi folks, that's my new problem:

i replaced the Sim card into the slot (contract expired), i must admit that i didn't use that mobile that much, so for more than 8 months the telephone remain unused. with no signal...
after replacing the new sim i realized that something was wrong, No signal at all
i supposed that the problem was the new type of chip that is smaller that the old one and probably that kind of prehistoric telephone might not like it...


one week ago, i was pretty close to a repeater and i had signal...

i understood that the problem is the antenna,maybe something loose somewhere, but i had a very funny surprise when i took a look to the antenna receiver (located into the rear fender exactly below the ext.antenna)

there was nothing into the "telephone" connector..
i searched in the area for a disconnected cable but nothing...

i tried to search but i didn't found any bmw instruction for telephone install (can you provide me a link?)

must say that the entire sys worked flawlessy even if the whole sys come from my previous coupe' (that has all the antennas into the defrost and the sharkfin as telephone antenna)

my fear is that that antenna connector has been inserted in an other "device" and gets disconnected or damaged, but where??

i took a look to the signal amplifier located next to the cd/tv module assembly but nothing, just 4 connectors not compatible with the antenna plug (i supposed a my error while reconnecting the cables after an upgrade to the MK3...

my telephone is this one http://akimages.motorola.com/7/332/7.../i2700bsys.jpg

heeeeeeeelp !!

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