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Hektik 05-10-2013 06:20 AM

318 Owners - Get In Here!!!
Hi All

Just thought I'de get a thread going for any owners with the 318 and I guess even more specifically the 1.9 M43 engine.

I saw a thread from ages ago where a guy had painted his rocker cover and it looks awsome. Interested to know what mods people have done on these engines or otherwise and also any issues etc.

I must say love mine to bits after about 6weeks ownership but sometimes... just sometimes I feel it can sound slightly tappety / diesely (not sure if its 50/50 with paranoia though!!). Is this common or should I do an oil change? its on 74k with oil service not due for another 13k miles? Might do it just for peace of mind though....

Anyway any pics / thoughts specifically for the 318i / 318ci lets get this going....

Cheers All:thumbup:

Shaun1970 05-12-2013 01:56 PM

Hello again Hektik, following you around :rofl:. Mine sounds Tappety too, even after Oil & Filter change, and its changed every service by a friend who is a mechanic he said they all appear to be the same as he works on a 325CI and same outcome! Don't think its any thing to worry about, or he would def tell me!

Hektik 05-12-2013 02:33 PM

Ahh cheers Shaun, lol its cool UK brothers from other mothers! hahaa Glad you said that, my mechanic said same too but its just sometimes it does sound ultra quiet/smooth and then sometimes a bit raspier or like say slightly rougher but not badly noteable and I've heard that from a few now, so puts ur mind at rest dunt it. Would have thought the 325 shudda sounded a bit smoother tho being a v6?

Hektik 05-12-2013 02:43 PM

Thought I'd add the thread I was on about with the rocker cover painted....


I think it looks mint would re-do mine in just silver tho (maybe with BMW in black/blue) curretly looking a bit grotty right now.

Anyway any other 318 owners.... do feel free to say hi and add pics what have ya?? wanna try and get our own little 318 crew going!!

Shaun1970 05-12-2013 03:03 PM

I thought the 325 would have done also, but Mechanic said this guys sounded worse than mine on the tappets. I tend to hear mine if I floor it because im bored behind some one doing 30 in a 60!

The rocker cover thread looks smart and would attempt that one day once exterior is looking good although I did have my engine steam cleaned last Friday to get rid of old oil from an ill fitted oil filter made some nice mess! This was previous owner who had drive cogs replaced (think one had literally fallen off) and while rebuilding had head gasket done also at 110k, but its taken me 2 yrs to actually get it cleaned!

Surely we are not the only two 318 owners lol

Hektik 05-12-2013 05:44 PM

lMy engine int too bad but I had to clean alot oil off maself (had been overfilled and spilled before! durr lol) dnt look bad now, backtoblacked the black parts n cleaned it best I can. How much was the steam clean n who does that? Always weary of it messin sumit up in the engine?

Love spending time on the car tho cleanings the best cuz its the cheapest lol! you sound like youve had yours a while then?

And i know!!! lol sure some other 318ers will come out soon :D

floydlloyd85 05-12-2013 05:48 PM

318 Owners - Get In Here!!!
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I have one. Its a steel grey coupe with an n42 engine. Havnt got any complaints. Not too sore on the petrol and it looks nice so thats all i want. Attachment 505169

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floydlloyd85 05-12-2013 05:49 PM

318 Owners - Get In Here!!!
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Shaun1970 05-12-2013 06:10 PM

The mechanic I use did mine trust him explicitly, but steam is ok, its those that Jet Wash could create issues.

I have had mine for 26mths now didn't pay a lot for it around £1000, but thought of the projects I could do and as I spent 90% of my life working away it was difficult, but I was made redundant late last year so set up on my own in March this year. So running around in mornings looking for business and afternoons I chill and clean car and think of modding and doing her up then I come across this place so thought I would join to give input as well as ask if needed. Plus good to meet other BM owners and draw from experiences.

Hektik 05-13-2013 03:21 AM

Shuan - Exactly mate thats what its all about aint it! So what do you actually do for a living now mate? and you never said how much the stem clean was. 1k for an e46 is a good price and it looks in nice nick bodywise too ;)

Floyd - Very nice, like the colour and them wheels. Did yours come with those as standard? Also note you have the bootlip spoiler, that come with it too?? Jelous.com

Welcome and thanks for jumping on this thread, the more the merrier!! and you hit it on the head, not the fastest but not bad on fuel and still looks v nice! Mind you your n42 engine has got a bit more BHP 142bhp is it to our 1.9's 118bhp.
~Anyway nice motor and cheers

Shaun1970 05-13-2013 03:46 AM

Hektik, mine was free a lifelong friend and mechanic, he normally charges from £30 depending on engine state! The Valeter I used last year, because I had no time to clean the car lol, he does them too from £30 upwards, but he also details them that's where I will be going next to have it done to make it look smarter. My object last week was just to get rid of masses of oil easier to spot leaks then.

Yeah not bad price, it needed some work though since I have had it the whole cooling system has been replaced, this was a tiny leak that we just could not find, so swapped it out, Rad, Hoses, Expansion, Pump etc. Alternator went 3 weeks after I bought it while in Scotland and they robbed me of £600 notes! My Friend/Mechanic nearly died when I told him, but the RAC WOULD NOT tow me home so cancelled them! Body work has a few scratches & Stone chips & they are on my list to do over the coming weeks then she will be well tidy.

I started my own IT Services Business, after being told 60 times im over Qual I thought ah well bugger you all :) Its slow at the moment as new (8 weeks today in fact).

Shaun1970 05-13-2013 03:52 AM

Like the Grey Floyd, around here I mainly see Blue / Black they seem the most popular colours, would like mine florescent Green or Yellow!

Hektik 05-13-2013 04:42 AM

Shaun £30 would be money well spent, never thought of going valeters although the ones round our sides are cheap, they are also rubbish! lol deffo wana get that done soon though as you say good to see any leaks etc. And nothing says I love my bimmer more then a spanking engine bay....we dont have those plastic covers to hide it all ;)

Shame about your cooling system that does sound like £rape and what buggers RAC are!!

I used t-cut colorfast (blue obv) couple weeks ago got alot of the hairlines out and stanchips too! Recommend it bigstyle. Also gonna get a pen form Halfords for one bigger sratch on bonnet but warey it seems a bit darker than my paint!?? Hopefully weather is nice next weekend gonna fully valet it myself wash polish again and wax it to seal it and get the good camera out and whack on some nice looking pics, all being well.

And good luck with the IT business, surely you'll get some biz flying in soon, always takes time starting your own business, least you have a quality car for it to start you off and represent your business!! :D (not if you paint it flourescent green though!!!!! lol)

Shaun1970 05-13-2013 06:35 AM

Yeah it would mate and has been in my case, except not detailed, but sadly like you say no plastic cover on ours to hide it which is a shame maybe BMW where skint in 2000 lol.

I am glad I changed it tho, least I know now its good for some time, I have done about 20k so another 55k before a flush at least and parts for a few years yet! I used Colourfast last week, but it just makes them odd ha ha, I bought a scratch / chip set online includes compound, paint and lacquer for £20 notes, but have a couple of key scratches so doing the brave method of 2500 wet/dry and sand it lightly then buff it out that way! If I mess it up then paint shop here I come :D

What's wrong with florescent green? least they will see me coming :rofl: I think it would look awesome!

So you got much to do on yours to bring it up to scratch? or just them beautiful amber lights?

Shaun1970 05-13-2013 06:38 AM

BTW word of warning don't buy LED interior I have just spent 2 hours messing about and ONE worked! I'm grumpy now, I hope I don't have same hassle when I fit these Angels!

Hektik 05-13-2013 06:50 AM

Thanks, nah I'm happy with the normal interior lights for now.

Hey was just thinking you could go bright orange (paint) and the ambers all of a sudden would look good!!! heheheee

I rate you for that wet n dry method, is the best way to do it but I'm too scared of fooking it up and doing more damage than good.

Nah I happy with condition of mine I guess overall tbh, as say good clean / full valet this weeked.... and have a go with my paint pen (also comes with primers/paint/clearcoat)..... for mods, replace ambers first to make it look more modern, burning ambers vid and pics of new lights etc will come!! (need to get tax this month tho so it wont be till end June now tho :( ....then just some 18'' rims eventually, mite get 2nd hand and get them reconditioned etc. Thats it really but I'm sure if and when I get to that point I may want more ay :D

Good luck with the Angels and wanna see the after pics / DIY if u can mate, hope it goes well

Shaun1970 05-13-2013 08:09 AM


Originally Posted by Hektik (Post 15418739)
Hey was just thinking you could go bright orange (paint) and the ambers all of a sudden would look good!!! heheheee

Good luck with the Angels and wanna see the after pics / DIY if u can mate, hope it goes well

Now what a good idea that is mate lol I never thought of that!

Aye will def do pics, I have a guide here from various sources I then put together, as the DIY guide from the shop was not the best and for car morons like me I need specifics!

jiminblack1464 05-15-2013 05:22 PM

Hi All I'm a newbie and currently own a 2000 318SE Saloon 1.9 M43 83k I have also had an issue with tapperty tap, but seem to have resolved it after engine flush and oil change. Now running sweet as a nut.
Have just started carrying out a few mods Angel eyes carbon wrap on iterior trim iluminating gear knob ((home made) pics to follow) dash rings. LEDs in door handles in progress pics will follow. Looking out for some wheels but cannot seem to make my mind up on what to get.

Shaun1970 05-16-2013 02:29 AM

Hi Jim & Welcome the Angels look awesome on BM's I done mine this week, and similar to you my interior trim is part carbon fibre, just the rear to do! Just added also LED Interior, I finally got them to work contrary to my previous thread up there ^ I went for white LED though. Can't wait to see your pics mate.

Hektik 05-16-2013 03:41 AM

Welcome Jim. What stuff did you use for the flush and what oil did you go for? Sounds like your busy modding already, we look forward to the pics and thanks for showing your face so Shaun and I dont feel so lonely on the UK forum!!

I know what you mean on the wheels, I'm trying to get some 2nd hand if poss but cant seem to find many BMW breakers around Notts. I like the look for the m6 wheels. What part of the UK you from mate btw?

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